Pumpkin Spice & Everything...Healthy


It’s October, the month of pumpkin spiced everything. But did you know that while you sip your pumpkin spiced latte/beer/soup and wait for the Great Pumpkin, you could actually be boosting your health? Although it contains no actual pumpkin but rather the spices used to season pie, "pumpkin spice" (aka pumpkin pie spice) is a mashup of super spices that help everything from digestion to pain and can even help your body process fat and sugar.


A natural remedy for toothaches and dental and oral hygiene, Clove has long been used in natural toothpaste and gum. Taken internally, it stimulates digestive enzymes and can improve bone density, and Ayurvedics have long used Clove as an immunity booster and even an aphrodisiac! Plus mice hate it.


The ancient Egyptians knew what was up when they used Cinnamon bark for just about everything. Perfect for removing some of the guilt from an big Thanksgiving feast, Cinnamon can help your body process both sugar and fat. When the oil is diffused it promotes clear breathing, and it is so powerful that can even help the treatment of HIV and MS (what?!) Just make sure that you’re buying Ceylon cinnamon rather than Cassia, as the latter may cause liver failure when taken in high doses.


This age old root is essential for all things tummy related (nausea, bloating, indigestion), and can also relieve menstrual cramps as effectively as Ibuprofin. It’s also an anti-inflammatory that can improve memory, lower cholesterol and help your body process sugar, If applied topically, it can even relieve pains from osteoarthritis or taken daily can help muscle and joint soreness. The Chinese medicine doctor I saw for a while, Lily Choi, recommended Ginger tea as a cure all for almost everything.


A powerful detoxifier, Nutmeg can prevent kidney stones and help your liver recover from an excess of Hot Toddy’s during the holiday season (what, just me?) It’s also been toted to prevent chronic bad breath, help you absorb the nutrients from food, aid circulation and even improve cognitive function in the brain. PLUS it’s amazing for your skin and can even be used to heal scars!


This deceptively named single spice reduces gas, nausea and bloating (maybe from eating too much pie). Allspice can boost both circulation and metabolism (again great for the pie situation.) When applied topically or in a bath soak Allspice can even be an effective antiseptic for cuts or bruises, and relieve muscle and joint pain.



I always recommend organic spices that haven’t been irradiated so that you’re not undo-ing all of their wonderful antioxidant properties. But if you’re looking to supercharge the superpowers of these spices, you may want to talk to your doctor about taking a supplement use an essential oil. Here are some tips to baking with essential oils from my personal trusted supplier, DoTERRA. And for another yummy way to drink to your health, try my friend Mo aka Brunchpants’ Homemade Chai Tea (photo to the right). And if you still need cinnamon and spice inspo - check out these two fall recipe packed posts from last season:


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DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor! And I don’t play one online. Check with yours before using the above suggestions for the treatment or prevention of ailments.