3 True 'Taste'-makers Share their Healthy Holiday Hacks

It’s the holiday season! Party time! And Christmas cookie, hot toddie, hot chocolate, latke, babka, ham, peppermint bark and everything-else-indulgent time! Everyone should be allowed to sample the seasonal spoils, but when a couple of weeks of bingeing leads to a couple of months of sluggish energy, digestive issues or weight gain, it’s hard to say that it was worth it. For advice on how to mindfully manage the holidays while still having fun, I asked some of the best bodies in the health and wellness industry how they navigate the season.

Click through to find out how these 3 beautiful and svelte entrepreneurs feel about calories, gluten and sugar, how they stay on track during the holidays and what makes them cave.


“‘Paleo Friendly’ - Definitely not vegan, but I do consume a lot of vegan dishes”

Do you count calories?

I can't lie, I used to. But as I became more knowledgeable in nutrition, specifically working very closely with our nutritionist Bridget Bennett, I discovered that wasn’t really the most accurate way to achieve a healthy diet. Cutting calories to achieve dietary objectives may lead to temporary ‘solutions’ but won’t be sustainable over time. The body really needs the FDA required amount of 2k calories per day or more to function. For people who have more aggressive fitness regiments they definitely need more.

What's your most common indulgence?

Burgers. I can eat them all day, every day. We even launched a Breakfast Burger (Chicken on Gluten free English Muffin with Egg)...but it’s a burger any way you look at it! I think I’ve eaten a burger from every place around the city. One of my favorites right now other than Indie Fresh is Umami Burger. Sometimes I eat the bun sometimes I don’t. Most of the time I eat the bun!

what about your favorite holiday treat?

PIE! I don’t discriminate but Pecan is my favorite...

What's your biggest dietary "no-no"

Processed foods. They are difficult to digest. And with all of the healthy options that are cropping up these days there is no excuse!

How do you stay on track during the holidays?

I try to do as much cardio as possible. Usually I’m at my parents’ place in Moorestown, NJ. I grew up down there in South Jersey and there’s a lot of gorgeous places to run in the neighborhood and around town. Philadelphia is also really close so I try to check out the Flywheel there whenever I’m down there.


DINA KAPLAN // founder of THE PATH

“Paleo. Unless I’m in France or Italy! I also don’t have corn or rice.”

Do you count calories?

On Paleo you don’t count calories. I don’t think you could possibly get fat on Paleo, so calories are not really an issue at all!

What's your most common indulgence?

When I’m in Italy I go off the diet and eat chocolate croissants, which I love, and ice cream and pasta! I grew up in Italy so this feels like home cooking to me.

What about your favorite holiday treat?

I travel each New Year's. This year I'm going on a retreat in India with an incredible teacher. I can't wait!

What's your biggest dietary "no-no”

My biggest no-no is sugar. I’m gluten free as well, but sugar I think is the real danger for people. And not just processed sugar but all sugar. I think it will be common for people to know they should be sugar free within a few years. It will be the new gluten-free for sure I think!

How do you stay on track during the holidays?

During the holidays I try to stick to my diet more strictly than ever: no gluten, no sugar, no soy, no corn. It's a strict diet but if I keep it I won't get sick, even with a ton going on over the holidays in terms of work and fun things and travel!

Mindfully I try to give myself space each day. If I want to sip a cappuccino, I'll go to a great coffee shop, get one to stay, and not check email at all. I'll enjoy a quiet moment or reading the news, which I really enjoy. And if I want to look at art I'll pop into an art gallery and enjoy seeing something beautiful and pure, if only for a few moments! I think giving yourself the gift of those moments throughout the day actually makes you better at work. And happier.


Mariam Kinkladze // co-founder of ORGANIC GEMINI

“I don’t follow a specific diet, I just make sure to always make healthy choices and choose organic!”

Do you count calories?

There's no need to calorie count when you're choosing whole foods, it's much easier!

What's your most common indulgence?

Georgian food.

What about your favorite holiday treat?

Dark chocolate!

What's your biggest "no-no"?


How do you stay on track during the holidays?

Gluten free desserts help me to stay in shape.