I Like it (Fine and) Raw… Pure Chocolate, Pure Love

Ah chocolate…men can keep their dogs, we women have our own best friend.  To be fair, dogs are just as loved by women as chocolate is by men – but there is something about chicks and chocolate that just is.  True story: at the age of 7, my best friend and I were in love with Hostess Ho Hos.  As every 7 year-old girl knows, when you love something, you marry it; so that’s what we did.  The dual ceremony took place in my kitchen, and the brides wore matching acid washed jeggings and neon plaid cropped tops (clearly, my affinity for cropped tops goes way back).  The finale ended in “you may now eat the groom” at which point we happily shoved the swirled, chocolate wrapped cake into each other’s giggling mouths.

Not much has changed since that day in my kitchen, except that the adult iteration of my Ho Ho addiction comes in the form of a creamy, rich and raw chocolate bar.  Maybe it’s the Belgian in me, but nothing cures a sweet tooth like good dark chocolate… I love Vosges for their unique flavor combinations, Hu Kitchen’s emulsifier free bars, or once in a while even a plain old Hershey’s for a Kiss of melt-in-your-mouth nostalgia.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, I just had to share my greatest choco-love of all… Fine and Raw.  Specifically, the Cacao and Coconut Chunky that is luscious enough that I want to devour it all in one sitting, but satisfyingly decadent enough that I don’t. 

Fine & Raw caught my attention because of their cheeky (non-toxic) packaging, and held my attention when I tasted the smooth, indulgent texture of their “Chunky”.  Best of all, they don't use any yucky additives and cook their cacao at a low temperature to retain the health benefits of this yummy superfood, so it’s actually good for you.  And if that wasn’t enough reason to fall in love, Fine & Raw makes every effort to manufacture sustainably. 

Color me committed.  Don’t worry, you’re all invited to the wedding.