How to Save Your Hair from Summer!

The sea, the sun, the sand... what's not to love about the beach?! Like many of you out there, I have been spending as much time as possible in the ocean this summer. But while the things that I love most about the beach have been wonderfully restorative for the soul, they have also been wreaking havoc on my hair.

Saltwater and sun work like a natural bleach, giving my blonde hair a boost of sunshine. Unfortunately, that same combination dries it out just as much - leaving me with straw where my hair should be.  I'm aiming for Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley but wind up looking more like a scarecrow: Not. Hot.

Luckily, help arrived just in time to save my tattered locks before Labor Day - thanks to the EMERGENCÉE System by Nexxus® New York Salon Care.  From the silicone-free Rebalancing Shampoo, to the Restoring Conditioner, and finally the weekly Reconstructing Treatment, - the 3 step process is simple enough for even a low-maintenance girl like me. Natural ingredients like Marula and flax seed oils, green tea and seaweed extracts, and deep sea minerals give the stuff its power. It's just one more way to utilize Mother Nature's gifts for beauty inside and out! With all this seaweed and shiny hair, I'm saying bye-bye scarecrow, hello mermaid!