In Pursuit of Magic: An Artist's Lesson in Manifesting a Dream

I often confess to having an insatiable case of wanderlust... I rarely stay in one place for long and currently claim both NYC and LA as home. When hearing of my travel routine of the past year I was often asked "what are you searching for?" And while the easy answer is "adventure, new experiences and inspiration" the most concise answer is actually just... magic. 

Magic can appear in many forms. It can mean being in flow with your surroundings when everything seems "meant to be" and easy. It can be as grand as laying eyes on the Taj Mahal or striking up conversation with a local whose beliefs expand your understanding of normal. It can also be as simple as discovering a new secret hiking trail, or that a long lost friend lives in your neighborhood. It can mean overhearing a snippet of conversation that seems to be advice just for you, or noticing a dimple in your lover's smile. 

One day years ago, while wandering around my own neighborhood I quite literally stumbled upon the pursuit of magic. The words were scrawled on the sidewalk, assuring me that I was on the right path. Last summer, in a magical pocket of Big Sur called Esalen, I happened to meet the artist and cofounder of In Pursuit of Magic, Betty Kay Kendrick. What started as a passion project has since become a worldwide phenom, sprinkling good vibes and connecting communities across the globe.

In the wake of her successful solo art show in New York, beautiful Betty Kay spills on the magic that led her down this artists path, and what it means to follow the signs of the universe.

Watch below, and prepare to be inspired!