3 DIY Acupressure Tricks For Instant Energy

What if there was a button that you could push to feel more energized, centered and awake?

Guess what... there is! In Chinese medicine and acupuncture, meridians are the channels of energy that run through the body and control various body functions. Scientifically speaking, they are the "individual pathways that exist among the subcutaneous tissues and serve as channels for the flow of interstitial microscopic fluid throughout the body." That's a complicated way of saying that by simply stimulating certain points on the body, you'll feel more stimulated overall. 

Who needs coffee or mate? Check out this quick trick that you can do from your couch or desk, at home or at work–anytime you need a natural pick-me up!


Big thanks to restorative yoga and massage therapist, Muriel Murphy whom I recently met at Passage in Costa Rica, for teaching me these awesome tips!