How to Get A Booze-Free Buzz w/ This Anti-Inflammatory Cocktail

Who says that alcohol is the only way to get a kick? I recently attended a 3 week wellness camp in Costa Rica called Passage, where I met a number of incredible practitioners, foodies and holistic specialists including celebrity chef, Ester Hillebrand. While on the rancho, Ester blessed us with a number of powerful tonics that kept us alert, stimulated and healthy. One of my favorites was a powerful cocktail that along with promoting digestion, immunity and alkalizing the blood–also produces a feeling of euphoria similar to alcohol or cocaine. Yep, you read that right. Watch the video to learn more!



8 oz, freshly squeezed lemon juice

4 oz, fresh turmeric root

1.5 oz fresh ginger root

10 oz water to blend 

Pinch black pepper 

1 tsp stevia 

3 tablespoons local honey (optional) 

1 jalapeño, cut in 1/8 inch rounds


OPTIONAL: 24 oz lemon sparkling water if you prefer a milder version

4 basil sprigs, twisted, to garnish 



1. Use a spoon to gently scrape off the rough outer parts of the ginger

2. Dice ginger and turmeric root

3. Blend all ingredients until smooth

4. Cheers!


VIDEO || Erin Brennan

WARDROBE || Brooke Coleman Collection

FEATURING || Ester Hillebrand, Celebrity Chef & Wellness Coach