Inspiration for a Clean Bohemian Home

My dear readers, you may have noticed that I’ve been a little slower to post recently and I’ll explain why...I moved across the country! After months of travel, I found myself a new little home in Los Angeles. Although I’m still splitting my time between LA and New York, it’s my West Coast nest that now requires feathering. I’ve spent day and night combing furniture and vintage finds online and in town in pursuit of pieces to complete my “clean bohemian” vision for my new one bedroom, Spanish style casita. With a living room, dining room, kitchen, patio and bedroom to furnish, the trappings of my tiny Manhattan studio didn't make much of a dent in my decorating mission. 














Good thing decorating is one of my all time fave activities! So, if you’re contemplating a move or just feeling like your place could use a little face lift, here’s some inspiration and great resources that I’ve found along the way–most of which are globally sources and sustainable, of course.


First off, it’s a good idea anytime you’re decorating a room to get an idea of the spatial layout. Evaluating how various furniture combos will fit within the space before you commit will avoid a lot of money spent in return shipping. Below are 3 online tools to help you plan the layout of your apartment, house or room - and even create a 3D scale rendering of what the room will look like. Game. Changed.

  1. Plan Your Room

  2. Room Styler

  3. Room Sketcher