When I Come Home, I Detox...My Home. Here's How.


I travel a ton. Between bicoastal living/working and my friends getting married all over the world, I am often gone for long stretches at a time. (Hence the recent long break between posts!) But regardless of how much I dust and clean before I leave, my lovely California Casita always feels a bit stale when I come home. And according to the EPA, indoor air pollution is a very real health risk, therefore at home detoxing is a very real necessity. 

Here are my secrets to keeping my abode feeling so fresh and so clean, clean!


Plants are living creatures that thrive on air and water just like we do. So it makes perfect sense that they naturally filter the air we breathe, just as we do the same for them. Ever notice the way you breathe easier in a forest or lush park? Plus, houseplants are a great way to add personality to a space. Especially if you name them like I do (Howard the tiny air plant and Stanley the huge unidentified-houseplant are great company.)


So simple, and yet so powerful... The practice of burning sage (aka smudging) and Palo Santo wood (aka holy wood) may sound new agey, but it actually goes back thousands of years in North and South American history. Thought to clear the environment of negative energies, burning one or the other is the simplest ways to reset a space. Plus they smell cozy.

To use, simply light the tip until it catches fire, then blow it out allowing the smoldering smoke to do its job. 


This yummy smelling spritz consists of citrus, mint and sage oils - all known for their cleansing and refreshing properties. A far cry from Fabreeze, think of this as the toxin-free, activating room spray of your dreams. Great in bathrooms too :-)


We know how good this stuff is in the kitchen, but in fact it's just as magical in the living room. Lamps and candles are a popular way to unlock the negative salt ions in Himalayan sea salt, reportedly increasing blood flow, promoting sleep and even calming allergy symptoms. Even if you doubt the claims, you can't deny the warm glow is cozy and I mean, millennial pink... it's a thing.