No More Excuses this Thanksgiving


Discounts and sales are great, but the juxtaposition of a holiday based on being thankful, and the biggest consumerist day of the year has always felt a little “off” to me. Especially this year as so many are suffering from wildfires in California and in war torn countries around the world. Instead of your typical Black Friday or even small business Saturday roundup this year, let’s remember that there is more to the holiday season than getting the best deals. Donating to your favorite charity is of course, one great way to give back. But the act of volunteering your time is often even more valuable and an experience that helps keep reality in check. So if you find yourself getting wrapped up in the stresses and flim-flam of the holiday season, consider spending some time helping others; if for no other reason than to get you back in touch with what’s what.

Not sure how or where to even get started? Volunteer Match is an easy way to link your interests with charitable causes in need. No more excuses. And nope, this post is not sponsored - just an honest reminder (to myself as well) that it’s easier than you think to make a difference.