Jungle Vibes: 3 LA Restaurants That Bring the Outside In

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Maybe you don’t call yourself a tree hugger but if you’re reading this article, chances are that you appreciate eating healthy food in a gorgeous setting. You might own a few succulents, and maybe you Instagram your dining experiences... just sometimes? Don’t worry, I only know this because I’m describing myself too.

Whenever I’m eating out, atmosphere is just as important to me as the food itself. I want an experience. Often one involving a garden, especially when I am in Los Angeles where the weather is made for dining alfresco. These 3 restaurants, all notable for their gorgeous gardens, offer as much green on your plate as around the room. 


West Hollywood // 8479 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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Modern Peruvian food in a sceney, vibey, greenhouse-y setting. Great for anything from a group brunch to a romantic dinner date.


The sunlit atrium is where you’ll get your plant fix thanks to dozens of hanging varieties dangling from the glass ceiling, but honestly even the entry room and bar area feel inspiring.


The Solarito is a lima bean, feta, corn salad that will make you wonder why you ever said you didn’t like lima beans. Order the Paella, of course! It’s gluten-free, supremely flavourful and fresh, and perfect for sharing with a table. Skip the eggplant puree if you’re ordering it just because of the turmeric flatbread, the dip is decent but the flatbread is meh.  


Venice // 1633 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291



Seasonal mediterranean food in a rustic, open air setting. Lovely in daylight, romantic at nightfall.


You’ll enter through the garden, and that’s where you’ll want to stay. A gnarled olive tree grows right through the center almost convincing you that you are, in fact, near the Mediterranean.


I came for brunch so I can’t speak for the dinner menu but the Cacio e Pepe eggs satisfied my late morning hunger. My boyfriend had the waffle, but like the turmeric flatbread above, I would not say that it’s worth the gluten-bomb. The steak and eggs seemed to satiate my other friends, as did a refreshing glass of rose. Served under the aforementioned olive tree with lo-fi Euro beats on the speakers, it was easy to forgive any off the less stellar menu items. My advice would be to order simply, as the indulgent menu items weren’t worth it and they don’t allow substitutions of any kind.  


Silverlake // 2764 Rowena Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039



Asian American awesomeness, in a hipster-chic setting.


For the purposes of this feature, let’s focus on the lush garden complete with a trickling water fountain. But honestly, you may see Wolfdown appear on Natty Style again for its rustic cabin vibe indoors.


From the unfiltered Pinot Gris, to the gluten-free black rice and quinoa, to the sea bass with nori, we were consistently impressed. There were plenty of unfamiliar ingredients on the menu, all blended with a delicate hand and a healthful nod.



Estrella has one of the loveliest gardens in West Hollywood, but sadly the food is just not up to snuff. That said, it’s perfect for cocktails either during happy hour or after dinner. The Ponte is another magical garden surrounding a tree, smack dab in the middle of West Hollywood. The Italian menu is solid, but I’ve written about it before HERE.