How to Celebrate the Lunar New Year Like a Pig


Happy New Year… again! Yup, it’s the Chinese New Year today, which gives us another chance to pick up on our resolutions which may have already fallen by the wayside in the past month. It is also an excuse to celebrate, and with the Water Pig as the symbol for the year, celebrating has never felt more appropriate.

Here’s why, and how to get on board with this exciting day!


Pigs are known for pleasure, they are a symbol of wealth in Chinese culture. Decorate and wear anything red and gold to show prosperity, order Chinese food, plenty of champagne and invite everyone you know and see where the night takes you...


Pigs also represent the Yin or the feminine opposite of Yang. Embrace your feminine side by spending time with girlfriends doing something relaxed and calm. Go to a gentle yoga class or get together and share what you appreciate about one another.


Pigs are associated with water and soil, so a year of the pig will be a great time for planting and growing new things. It’s also the end of the 12 year cycle, meaning lessons begun in 2006 are  now coming to fruition. Use this time to plant seeds that will grow and flourish at the start of the new lunar cycle next year. Make a list in your journal, then sit with it and imagine each one of your goals coming true. Revisit the journal entry every year to remind yourself of what is coming to you.


Traditionally, the Chinese eat dumplings for success, whole fish for abundance, rice cakes for prosperity and citrus fruits for health to celebrate a new year. Load up on these meaningful foods today and go ahead, eat like a pig.


Pigs are known to be generous and giving, hard-working and also very social and friendly. Look into volunteering your time more this year, link up with a charity or other philanthropic pursuits and make the 2019 pig proud.