Love Vintage? You’ll Love this Brand + The Founder's Vintage Shopping Secrets


Surprise, it’s already Earth Day! A great excuse to buy some new duds, preferably from brands that love our planet just as much as we do. I recently discovered Christy Dawn, a super feminine, LA based brand with a vintage prairie girl vibe that just screams for warm weather…

Below, founder and designer, Christy Dawn spills on what it’s really like to run an eco-friendly company and where SHE shops for her own vintage finds.


What does “Eco Friendly” actually mean at Christy Dawn?  

At Christy Dawn, everything we do is filtered through the lens of honoring Mother Earth.  

That means not contributing to the environmental degradation for which the majority of the fashion industry is responsible.  

We do this by using deadstock fabrics, by designing and sewing our dresses with longevity in mind, and by .  

Where do you get your deadstock fabrics?

We get most of our fabrics from Ragfinders, a Los Angeles based aggregator of deadstock fabrics.  We also work directly with local fashion houses who no longer need their previous season’s excess fabrics.  

What’s the environmentally scariest thing you’ve learned since starting your clothing brand?

It is mind blowing just how many chemicals are used when fabric is wet printed or discharge printed.   These two methods are the two most common methods used for printing fabric and are a key reason why the fashion industry is the world’s 2nd largest polluter of the world’s waters.

Where are your favorite places to shop vintage?

I love Squaresville, American Rag and Etsy 

What do you look for when shopping vintage and do you have any tips?

Looking for the perfect piece is half the fun - I think of it as treasure hunting! I look for things I'll cherish forever. I always recommend trying stuff on - the way a piece feels on your body can change everything.

Are there any cool accessory brands you’re loving worn with your collection?

I’m not a big accessory girl. I prefer simple. That being said I do love Jessica Seaton’s jewelry and a good Janessa Leone hat never hurt anybody!

Do you have any simple suggestions for how to be more conscious consumers and less wasteful? 

In terms of being a conscious consumer, I think it's really important to do your research and get to know the brands you're shopping from. Don't be afraid to reach out to a brand via email or a DM on Instagram - people reach out to us all the time with questions, and we love it! There are so many simple and effective ways to be less wasteful in your own life - walk or bike as often as possible, always carry a reusable tote bag (just in case!) and bring mason jars to your local grocery store to buy food in bulk.