[A Natty Nugget] Staying Healthy in the Heat

So it’s 103 degrees outside and you can barely bring yourself to lace up your gladiator sandals - let alone put on sneakers and go for a run. In the face of summer’s BBQs and burger cook-offs, what can a girl do to avoid a swimsuit spoiling pot belly and thunder thighs??  To find out, I consulted my friend and nutrition expert, Megan Zimak:

Megan’s Tips for staying slim yet social this summer:

-Always eat a light but filling snack before heading out to your event—this will help prevent any unnecessary bingeing at BBQ—it’s never cool to be the girl hanging out at the food table all day!

-Chips & salsa are a light and satisfying snack when consumed in moderation—just watch out for the guacamole & “taco dips” as they pack a serious caloric punch!

-If it’s a burger you’re craving, consider choosing it without the bun (& go easy on the ketchup—its loaded with refined sugar), or selecting a veggie burger or grilled chicken when available.  Hot dogs are never a good choice, as they are highly processed & chock-full of dangerous nitrates.

-If salads, crudite, grilled veggies or fresh fruit is available, don’t be afraid to load up!  These foods are rich in antioxidants, low in sugar/fat, high in fiber & especially cooling on hot summer days.  A general rule is to fill up ¾ of your plate with fruits/veggies—most likely you won’t be as hungry for that pasta & potato salad as you thought.

-Try to avoid any “salads” mixed with mayonnaise & always go easy on the dairy (watch out for cheese plates—-cheese is highly addictive & contains about 70% saturated fat).

-If a Mexican fiesta is the theme of evening, some simple suggestions include: choose tacos over fajitas or quesadillas (fajitas are cooked in tons of oil & quesadillas are packed with fatty cheese), opt for your burrito without rice, go easy on the sour cream & guac (choose fresh salsa instead) and always select the “seafood” or vegetarian option if available (ie/ shrimp tacos or veggie burrito).

-As for cocktails, the obvious choices are light beer, white wine spritzers or a glass of champagne (though that can go down a little too easy in some cases!).

Megan Zimak
Holistic Health & Lifestyle Consultant 
M: 917.476.3966

Thanks Megan!  Readers - if it’s a mixed drink or “specialty cocktail” that you’re craving, check back later this week for one of Megan’s signature summer recipes.