Updates from Natty Style, the Hippie in Heels

Dearest Readers -

Thank you so much for a fun, fashion-filled 2013!  Your support keeps me up and on my toes like a fresh pair of Manolos every day.

We all look forward to a new year bringing growth and change (and not just because of that resolution detox diet).  For instance, you may have noticed my new tag #hippieinheels on Instagram and Twitter, and the fresh header on my blog.  It’s been my way of expressing how my classic Gemini twin tendencies shape my everyday life in NYC.  I can’t stop searching for bits of nature in the urban jungle, never met a vegetable I didn't like and I believe in love for all and above all…but I also love to play dress up in gorgeous clothes and fancy shoes and believe diamond knuckle rings are for everyday!  I’m as happy in a tent as in a 5 star hotel, I find steals at vintage stores and Barneys alike, and appreciate farm to table fare in Brooklyn just as much as the hottest hotspot in Manhattan.  This girl is definitely a Hippie...in Heels!

Starting 2014, my blog, Hippie in Heels by Natty Style will bring you more travel tips, nutritional recipes and inspiration for a completely haute and healthy lifestyle; on top of the style and beauty tips you've come to expect. As a New York based California native, you could blame it on being bicoastal, but shopping and soulfulness are not as opposed as they may seem.  This evolution of Natty Style allows me to share even more of what I love with you, and I hope you'll love it too —even if you’re not a Gemini.

Cheers to a joyful, rewarding and—of course—stylish 2014!


Natty Style