How to Be a Conscious Fashion Consumer - via Darling Magazine

If you break it down, “fashion” is by very definition, impermanent.  The word is often bookended by others like “latest”, “craze” and “trend” – implying that no matter the current popularity of the subject, it too will soon be replaced.

If you’re like most women, it’s probable you’ve lusted over an “it bag” worth more than your rent, trolled eBay for deals or maybe even maxed out a credit card to secure one of your own. Remember when Uggs were an absolute wardrobe essential? To be worn with everything from leggings to mini skirts, the furry boot went from sell out success to being dubbed “fuggs”, now acceptable only on snowy days for sprinting to the corner deli.

It’s true. Fashion is an industry built on abolishing the old and outdated by creating a craving for the new. This constant cycle often nurtures a herd mentality of consumers buying what magazines tell them to buy in an effort to avoid the embarrassment of being “out of style”. Yet, despite the moneymaking roots, fashion is much more than just materialistic consumerism. For designers, fashion is an artistic expression as valid as any other. For editorial stylists, fashion is used to convey a message and tell a story that goes far beyond the clothing itself. For women like you and I, fashion is also a method for presenting the outside world with the person we are inside...


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