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A Seasonal Superfood Stocking Stuffer: How To.

A Seasonal Superfood Stocking Stuffer: How To.

Looking for a little gift for that favorite neighbor who always accepts your packages? The guy at your cheese shop you always throws in a little extra? Or maybe you want a little something personal to accompany your doormen or superintendent's tip? 

Heart healthy nuts and inflammation reducing spices make a jar full of these superfood snacks a welcome treat. 

3 Thanksgiving Recipes that You Wouldn't Even Know Are Healthy

3 Thanksgiving Recipes that You Wouldn't Even Know Are Healthy

Last weekend was the big Friendsgiving feast, and I got to road test these 3 recipes on my guests, many of whom are amazing cooks, and almost none of whom are vegan, paleo, gluten free or even very health conscious (though all 3 recipes here are!). Each dish received the ultimate stamp of approval: requests for seconds.  Plus, nobody was the wiser that their arteries were as happy as their taste buds.

5 No-Cook Summer Recipes to Keep You Feeling Cool & Looking Hot

We get it. Your window AC unit barely cools your studio apartment and turning on the oven in August is just NOT an option. With outdoor concerts, barbeques, and movies in the park filling up your social calendar, grabbing food on the go may seem like the only option. But picking up burgers and lobster rolls on the regular can take a toll on both your wallet and your waistline. So we tapped our very own Fashion Correspondent, Natalie Decleve of Hippie in Heels, to get some simple, healthy recipe ideas to fuel us through the rest of the season. Click through for 5 recipes that are as easy as they are healthy, and why.

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Blossoming Vegan Feast in the West Village

Blossoming Vegan Feast in the West Village

Obviously when you’re cooking for yourself, it’s easy to control what’s on your plate.  But what can be trickier, is finding satisfying vegan options at restaurants.  Vegan cafés are often heavily lacking in atmosphere, and occasionally the food itself is just as lackluster.  Thankfully, there’s Blossom – a local, mini chain of 4 restaurants in NYC that gives vegans a place to indulge in delicious eats, without sacrificing food quality or experience.  Blossom’s menu renounces all animal products in favor of organic, plant-based dishes that source their ingredients locally and from small farms and distribution companies.  And guess what…?  They’re actually DELICIOUS!

A Decadent Chocolate Feast in A Mod Mini Dress


Although many love to believe that women in fashion don’t eat; for the most part that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  (Seriously, you should see how fast the catering disappears backstage before a runway show.)  Plus, let’s be honest – we ladies love our chocolate.  So it makes perfect sense that Belgian chocolate and ice cream brand, Magnum has a close knit relationship with the fashion industry – starting with Karl Lagerfeld as it’s spokesperson back in 2011.  It also makes perfect sense that at 5pm on a Wednesday night, the brand had no trouble filling seats for a dinner party hosted by James Beard award winning chef, Andrew Carmellini in the private dining and wine cellar of his gorgeous NoHo restaurant, Lafayette.  The occasion?  A celebration of Magnum’s latest collaboration between Carmellini and fashion designer, Christian Siriano to create “The World’s Most Fashionable Dessert.”

Although I’d received notice of the event via email weeks before, one week before the party, I received by messenger a giant bar of chocolate engraved with the details of the party.  “Now THAT’S an invitation”, I thought to myself as I broke off a corner and popped it into my mouth.  Being a full-fledged foodie, as well as half Belgian – I really can’t say no to a lavish meal punctuated with chocolate.  Even better when the meal itself is locally sourced and mostly organic… Lucky for me, chef Carmellini knew his crowd for this fashion-meets-food event and whipped up a meal filled with just such guilt-free ingredients.  Organic carrot soup, wild black bass from Long Island, and fava beans from an organic upstate farm called “Buried Treasures” were just a few of the delights that warmed us up for the main event: The Dessert. Double caramel with champagne mango and pineapple, coconut cream and basil: the chocolate “lace” trimmed bar is as much a mouthful to say as it was to eat… At one point I remember chef Carmellini gesturing to the plate while explaining something about the importance of champagne mangoes, but to be honest I could barely hear him through the symphony of my senses as I focused on the decadent flavors in front of me.  It’s a good thing (and definitely no accident) that the meal leading up to dessert had been fairly light, because from my left to my right and all around my table, not a single scrap of the bar remained on anyone’s plate.  In fact, one eager guest even snatched up the display dessert that Carmellini had used to explain the dessert to the crowd.  Seconds anyone?  Yes please.

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Lime green mini dress with pearl detail: DARLING

White leather & pearl purse: CHANEL from BELLA BAG

Black patent leather heels: ALAIA

White, blown glass ring: TRE

Cateye sunglasses: KAREN WALKER



3 Perfect Picnic Recipes with 3 Steps or Less

3 Perfect Picnic Recipes with 3 Steps or Less

Rather than heading straight to the Whole Foods salad bar to stock up, I’ve got a few easy ideas that’ll save you some cash as well as calories.  Below are some of my favorite simple salad recipes - straight from my treehouse kitchen to your picnic basket... and just in time for 4th of July!

6 Good n' Green Recipes to Celebrate St. Patty's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is this weekend, and whether or not you plan to dress like a leprechaun or go on an Irish pub crawl - the green-themed holiday is a great excuse to load up on your veggies!  In honor of the occasion, I've rounded up 6 of my favorite green recipes - perfect for hosting a healthy St. Patty's Day feast!

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-Serve with Edamame Hummus or guacamole

EDAMAME HUMMUS [V] [VV] [GF] via Pip & Ebby

-       Serve with Sneaky Spinach Shamrock crackers, cucumbers and/or celery.

-       Garnish with 4 whole edamame in the shape of a 4 leaf clover, or – if you have flat leave parsley lying around – stick that on top


- Delicious served at brunch or dinner!

GREENS & QUINOA PIE [V] [GF] via Vegetarian Times

- Chicory is the same as curly endive.  If you can’t find it, dandelion or another bitter green should work well as a substitute.


- These are great dipped in a little hot sauce too!

SUPER HEALTHY GREEN SOUP [VV] [V] [GF] via Green of Quinoa

Happy, healthy St Patty's Day!



A Fashionable Fat Day on Fat Tuesday at Fatty 'Cue

A Fashionable Fat Day on Fat Tuesday at Fatty 'Cue

...And taste it all we did… After five, finger licking savory courses and two desserts, we felt that we’d celebrated the holiday appropriately.  So it’s a good thing that I had asked everyone to wear their favorite “chic to feast”; aka "fat day" outfit.  Because let’s face it, no matter what your denim size, we all have our off days, but that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to know.  If you need inspiration for your next fat tuesday (or fat Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday…) click through to check out how these gals and I stay stylish any day of the week.  

NYC's Healthiest Snacks & Plates to Power You through NYFW (via Guest of a Guest)

NYC's Healthiest Snacks & Plates to Power You through NYFW (via Guest of a Guest)

Ah, the great paradox of Fashion Week—on the one hand you're running around all day and are in desperate need of fuel, but then you're also surrounded by sample sizes, models, and the constant flash of photogs. So what's a hungry fashionista to do? Simply snack smart at the city's most stylish spots! From grab and go bites to sit and stay dishes, here are the healthiest meals to munch this NYFW.

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