Where I Went and What I Wore

Where I Went & What I Wore: A Picnic Party at The Glass House and a Cut-Out Carven Top

Where I Went & What I Wore: A Picnic Party at The Glass House and a Cut-Out Carven Top

Needless to say, The Glass House is worth a visit.  So when I was invited to attend The Glass House’s summer fundraising party, I leapt at the chance.  Especially when I learned that it would be sponsored by Swarovski and involve a picnic on the gorgeous lawn overlooking a pool and the house itself.  Cadillac generously lent me a CTS, and my best friend Ashley Gail Harris and I cruised over from NYC to New Canaan in a little over an hour.

Where I Went & What I Wore for a Spring Feast at Laduree Soho via Guest of a Guest

If you have a sweet tooth or have ever been to Paris, then you know that Ladureeis the Parisian equivalent to New York’sMagnolia Bakery. That’s not to say that the cozy downtown bakery known for its cupcakes is much like Laduree’s elegant, historical house of tea and sweets (renowned for their mouthwatering macaroons), but both are ubiquitously worshiped for their specific, sugary specialties. In fact - much like a Manolo Blahnik sample sale, lines of chic locals and curious tourists often wrap around the block at both Magnolia and Laduree.

So when New York finally got its own Laduree, on the Upper East Side a couple of years ago, we clicked our heels and got in line. This year, the storied maison de macarons opened a second output in the former Borolo space in SoHo. At long last! Now downtowners can also delight in a delicate, 3-tiered pastry after brunch, or snatch up a box full of rainbow macarons to bring to a dinner party. But there’s more to the luxury bakery than confectionary treats. Two ornately appointed dining rooms (and soon a lush garden) offer everything from high tea, to breakfast, to lunch and dinner!

As a Francophile and macaron-o-phile, (did you know that macaroons are GLUTEN FREE?!) I knew that I had to experience Laduree’s latest location immediately - if not sooner. And what better occasion than Easter to indulge in pastel pastries?! Luckily, my friend and dessert aficionado, Elizabeth Minett, had the same MO, and was the perfect accomplice for an afternoon of decadence. Click through to see what we wore to this sweet, springtime feast!


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Where I Went & What I Wore: A Faberge Big Egg Hunt & Art in General...via Guest of a Guest

Sometimes you've just got to party on a Tuesday... Like when storied jeweler, Faberge throws a massive fete to celebrate the finale of their citywide Big Egg Hunt. The appropriately grandiose bash was co-hosted by Arden Wohl, Waris Ahluwalia, Terri Richardson, Aby Rosen and 10 other fixtures in the social scene, ensuring that the guest list was just as hot. Surrounding a stage and under the glow of water-filled globe lamps at the Diamond Horseshoe in the Paramount Hotel, the crowd was equally theatrical. One woman dressed in white lace tights, a white fur coat and matching feathered hat declared, "now this is a party!" to nobody in particular.

But before the after party comes the other after party, as I began the evening with art in general... Or make that Art in General - and their annual Spring Gala. Co-chaired by Kyle de Woody, Manish Vora and Dustin Yellin - dozens of pretty young things packed out Root studios in honor of artist Phong Bui and Sotheby's Lisa Dennison. Guests mingled amongst recognizable faces and those less recognizable…namely the ones printed on the hanging installation by David Mramor, dubbed “John Doe.” Click through to see my outfit choice for the event-filled night!

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Where I Went and What I Wore via Guest of a Guest - Part 1

"From sun up to sun down, our Fashion Correspondent, Natalie Decleve, has been all over town capturing the best of NYFW for Guest of a Guest. Whether she’s attending runway shows, interviewing designers and celebrities backstage, or snapping street style – she’s always in the mix. So what does she wear during a week of see-and-be seen activities?"

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