Welcome to the "New" Natty Style!

Out with the old, in with the... Older?  Last year I experimented with using my tagline "the hippie in heels" to explain my dedication to living as responsibly as elegantly.  While I loved the allusion to my personal ethos, the dual name proved as confusing as the winding streets of the West Village.  So this year I've decided to show rather than tell you what I'm all about, while maintaining a more streamlined front under one name.  This means that I'll maintain information on my styling business under www.nataliedecleve.com and return to Natty Style across all social platforms, including this shiny new URL and logo.  While the final look of the site is still busy accessorizing with some last minute changes - I was just too excited to keep it under wraps any longer.  So without further ado...

Welcome to the new Natty Style!

And while you won't be seeing the name Hippie in Heels anymore, she's still here!  On www.nattystyle.com I will continue to bring you a mix of socially conscious content and recipes for a healthful and beautiful lifestyle. Thus has always been my definition of a "natty" life anyway. 

I hope you dig the new look, and can't express how much I truly appreciate your continued support through these "wardrobe changes".  I'm excited to continue hanging out with you via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter under @natty_style!