Like many of you, this summer is full of travel. In fact, I’ll be gone for most of July and August, traveling for a million reasons both work and play. First up? A 3 week cross country road trip from NYC through the southwest to Sedona, AZ. With so much time on the road and away from home, I lean on a few staples and rituals to make me feel grounded.



A healthy breakfast is key, but when you’re in the middle of nowhere it can be tricky to find what you like. I try to be prepared by picking up a greek yogurt and fruit from a grocery store when I can so I don’t get stuck with a stale continental breakfast or going hungry in a rental house. I always travel with healthy snack bars and Four Sigmatic’s instant mushroom coffee for a boost of brain food to kickstart the day.


10 minutes of quiet sitting a day keeps me grounded amongst the frenetic energy of NYC, but I love it just as much when I’m on the road. Finding a beautiful spot in nature is extra inspiring, but even if you just close your eyes in a hotel room or in the car for a bit, the effects are inarguable.


It’s easy to give up an exercise routine when you’re away from home. But even if I can’t find a hotel gym or a good fitness class in town, I usually find somewhere to run, which doubles as a great way to check out any new location! Getting a morning workout in gives me a boost and builds my appetite for trying new, yummy local food. Sworkit is a great app for workout tutorials that you can do from anywhere.



PERRY & HUDSON ALL-IN-ONE CREAM - If you’ve got limited space, having a product that works on hair, skin and nails all in one is essential. I’ll be traveling through the desert so a great moisturizer is key. Every single one of the 15 ingredients in this yummy smelling whipped butter has super powers: from anti-aging moringa to sunspot clearing rosehip oil and UV protecting meadowfoam seed oil.

MODERN RITUAL CANDLE - Each of these candles comes with a crystal embedded in the wax plus a corresponding audio meditation. They’ve also been infused with “reiki energy, healing sound vibrations and sacred geometry.” Even if you don’t know what half of that stuff means, you’ll enjoy the toxin-free fragrance and warm glow. The travel tin is perfectly lightweight for luggage.

ADAY WORKOUT GEAR - I love that this brand doubles as ready to wear in a pinch. Space is always tight while traveling, so the more multitasking an item can do, the more likely I’ll take it with me. Plus they’re conscious about their manufacturing, using materials like recycled plastic bottles to make some of their dye-free, washable garments.

HOUSE OF MARLEY TRAVEL SPEAKER - I love to have a soundtrack wherever I am, whether it’s in a hotel or on the beach. A travel speaker with bluetooth is an easy way to set the mood.

TABULA RASA TRAVEL BLANKET - Having the comforts of home on the road can be tricky. This lux throw is like a very chic, lux baby blankie for grownups.