INDIAN SUMMER: My Exotic Collab with Rhode Resort


Once upon a time, one of my favorite resort wear brands happened to be launching a collection inspired by the rich textiles of India, at the same time that I was planning a visit to India myself. They asked me to partner as their spokesmodel and travel to India to create a campaign that would showcase the country's unparalleled cultural vibrance and of course, the clothes that it incepted. Without hesitation, I jumped at the opportunity and embarked on the adventure of a lifetime...

The brand, was Rhode Resort, and here are the breathtaking campaign video and images that resulted from our dreamy voyage. So although Rhode aired the campaign on time, why did it take me almost a year to publish it here? Well, the truth is that I have a much larger story to tell from my 2 weeks on the other side of the world and had planned to launch a series surrounding the experience. But alas, my talented but misguided videographer evaporated into thin air (and the nightlife scene) after finishing the branded video (lesson not pay upfront, even if they're a friend!) and so the rest of the content was lost with him. But that doesn't mean that this beauty should be too! And so at long last, I'm thrilled to share with you one of the most special projects of my career.

WATCH RHODE + NATTY STYLE Resort collection 2017:

*WaterPalaceView copy.JPG
*Gaze copy.JPG
*WhiteTemple copy.JPG

Oh yeah, did I mention that we shot the Lookbook in Los Angeles before I'd even moved here to become bicoastal? Talk about foreshadowing! Next up are some of the images from our epic canyon shoot.



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