What I Wish I'd Known... New Mommy, Elizabeth Minett Spills!

With many of my close friends having babies lately, I'm learning a lot about pregnancy, childbirth and the early years of raising kiddos. I'm constantly asking questions and absorbing everything in hopes that by the time I decide to have some of my own I'll be totally prepared! Yeah right... 

In honor of Mother's Day - I asked one of my dearest girlfriends, Elizabeth Minett to spill the beans on how she makes Motherhood seem so...natural. Sure, she's naturally gorgeous but I'm talking about more than just her killer style. I've spent a lot of time with Elizabeth and baby Lyon (pronounced Lion) since he arrived last November, and the two are so in sync that anyone would be hard pressed to know her baby whispering secrets...

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What is one thing about childbirth that you wish you'd known? 

It’s not as scary or painful as people think. It’s pain that isn’t greater than you. I did a lot of meditation and hypnobirthing techniques to handle mind control during the contractions and it helped so much. I’ll be sure to say this is for low-risk, complication free pregnancies and labors.... 


What is one thing about having a new baby that you wish you'd known?

How much it can influence your relationship with your partner. There are a lot of changes that happen and very little guidance or support for couples post-parfum. But a baby is the best thing ever, and your relationship should be too :) 


What elements do you find most important for raising a baby in a natural/toxin free environment?

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Where do I begin...! I probably did a lot of things that are a bit counter “mainstream mom” culture.  Of course I breastfed. It’s a superfood! If you have the option, breast milk wins on every level of nutrition, bonding, and non -verbal communication with your child. For example, breast milk constantly changes to suit your child’s health needs because their saliva is transferred into our bodies (through the nipple) and our bodies virtually “read” the saliva to know what nutrients they need.... and breast milk constantly adjusts to satisfy these nutritional needs. How amazing is that! 

 I also started Lyon with organic bone broth at 5 months in a bottle. It’s amazing to strengthen their gut health and give them loads of minerals. It gets them used to a new flavor too. 

I used all organic cotton as much as possible and replaced all un-natural cleaning products in the house. 

Your energy will effect your baby more than anything, so keep calm and laugh a little even at the hardest moments! After all they’re going through a lot more than you are as a new baby in this world! 


"Your energy will effect your baby more than anything, so keep calm and laugh a little even at the hardest moments!"


The world wants to know HOW did you get back into those skinny jeans so fast?!

I had this guru of a midwife in LA and she gave some fitness advice that at the time seemed counter-intuitive but totally worked. She said the best thing to keep in shape during and after pregnancy is *not* to do weight or resistance training and just walk a ton and do yoga. Your muscles will learn new patterns and as your body changes (gets bigger and widens, so will your muscles!) This means post pregnancy you will have muscles adjusted to a larger wider frame, and they will keep your body in this state for longer, when really you want to shrink down again to pre-baby size!