5 Eco-Chic Long Weekend Ideas Near NYC



Once upon a time, upstate New York had a reputation for hippies and home-towners. Slowly, the fact that New York City share’s the state has led to more and more Manhattan/Brooklynites snatching up cabins for weekending, and over the past decade we’ve seen “upstate” skyrocket straight up in popularity.

Dozens of Manhattan restaurants have outposts in places like Hudson or Kingston, and there you’re as likely to find an organic facialist as you are some organic kohlrabi. Rumor has it, Rhinebeck might even be getting a Soho House in the near future. Wild.

Lucky for weekenders, that translates to dozens of stylish retreats just a short drive or train ride from the city. And lucky for New York State many of these new boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts — despite their chic appearance — respect the area’s tree-hugging history through sustainable practices.

This attitude means you can rest easy on those crisp white sheets knowing they’re made from organic cotton and enjoy fresh mountain water because you trust it’s not being wasted. So if you’re craving a cozy weekend away for Valentine’s Day — or any given Sunday — here is your inspo.

1. The Graham & Co.

The Price: $175 a night

The Location: 2.5 hours from NYC in Phoenicia, NY

The Vibe: hipster chill

Sustainability Points For:

  • locally sourced and organic breakfasts

  • full-size refillable bath products

  • earth-friendly cleaning products

  • being in the process of applying for Trip Advisors GreenLeaders program

Bonus Points For:

  • being near Hunter Mountain for skiing and Phoenicia for brunching  

  • kitchenettes in some rooms for DIY breakfast in bed-ing

2. The Red Rose Motel

The Price: $150+ per night

The Location: 2:30 from NYC in Roscoe, NY

The Vibe: Americana eclectic

Sustainability Points For:

  • reserving a building from 1938 using original and reclaimed materials

  • vintage and US-made fixtures

  • chemical-free Brooklinen sheets and toxin-free Public Goods bath products

  • locally sourced meat and produce in the restaurant

  • being vegetarian-friendly

Bonus Points For:

  • wood burning fireplaces

  • a pet friendly room

  • breakfast included

3. The Spruceton Inn

The Price: $149+ per night

The Location: 3 hours from NYC in West Kill, NY

The Vibe: minimalist, modern and communal

Sustainability Points For:

  • toxin-free bath products in refillable bottles

  • limited use of disposable cleaning products in favor of reusable materials

  • earth-friendly cleaning products

  • no single-use coffee cups

Bonus Points For:

  • firepits and BBQs

  • a huge barn available to rent for events

4. The Arnold House

The Price: 200+

The Location: 2:5 hours from NYC in Livingston, NY

The Vibe: hip, casual and communal

Sustainability Points For:

  • using reclaimed materials

  • full-size refillable bath products

  • minimizing disposable cleaning and service products in favor of washable, toxin free

  • cleaning botanical spa products

Bonus Points For:

5. Woodstock Way

The Price: $250+

The Location: 1:45 hours from NYC in Woodstock, NY

The Vibe: Elevated, tranquil, west coast cool

Sustainability Points For:

  • sustainable construction using reclaimed materials

  • living roofs for water and heat conservation

  • energy and water efficient systems throughout  

  • condensed recycling programs

Bonus Points For:

  • maximum tranquility

  • being the most advanced in sustainability on this list.

Have a spot that you think I missed? Let me know in the comments below! Maybe we’ll see you there…