Style Guide: How to Choose the Right Eyewear with Warby Parker


Eyeglasses have come a long way since the clunky frames you wore as a kid, or the specs your grandpa can never seem to find... Large and square or perfectly round frames in tortoise shell, black or even bright colors have become de rigueur - and not just for hipsters and library lovers.  Boys have been sporting this look for years - and with style setters like Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung and even more mainstream stars like Jennifer Anniston rocking bold glasses on red carpets and press junkets, the trend has spread from geek to chic like wildfire.  

Arguably the hottest brand on the market right now is the revolutionary concept shop: Warby Parker.  Dedicated to making stylish eyewear accessible, Warby's uber hip frames cost between $95-$150 - and that's WITH a prescription!  Free shipping and returns from the website for easy home try-ons, plus multiple retail locations popping up in Manhattan and elsewhere make it easy to snap up a pair...or 3.  The hard part is choosing a style that's right for you.  Luckily, during my recent shoot/shopping spree - I got tips from the brand's own Samantha Andriano on how to select the right frames for your face.


CLICK BELOW for tips on finding the right frame, and my recent photo shoot in their shiny new soho store!


[WIDE RIGHT] Figuring out the size is the easiest part because the most important measurement is the width of the frame. Once you figure out where you stand within the range of narrow to wide, you should have a few options.  Some of which can be slightly adjusted.

[SHAPE IT UP] Next you want to make sure you're choosing a shape that compliments your face.  A rounder face may want to try a square shape, and visa versa.

[COLOR ME SMART] A difference in the color of a frame can make the shape look completely altered.  It's important to try a few colors in the shape and size that fits you best.  Paying attention to the tone of your skin is important because some colors can be too harsh, or on the contrary wash you out.


Plus my own personal tips after a day of education in eyewear...

[PERSONAL STYLE]  Consider your personal style when choosing a frame.  If you tend toward quirkier clothing, you can likely pull off a funky frame.  Though even if your style is typically classic - funky glasses can be a great way to make a statement!


[CONSIDER YOUR COLOR PALATE]  In addition to Samantha's note about skin tone, think about the sorts of colors you tend to wear already.  Don't forget that eyeglasses are not only functional, they are an accessory too!  Choose a color that compliments your look.


So which ones did I end up with?  Turns out the decision was too tricky to choose just one... After trying on the whole store, I walked away with 3!  The Preston in SandalwoodMatte, the Percey in Charcoal Fade and the Spencer in Blonde Tortoisefor sunny days.  Did I mention they have polarized lenses?!  It just gets better and better... Now I can finally see in style!