Packing Like a Pro for Darling Magazine

Tis the season…to travel!  With Memorial Day just behind the bend, and summer Fridays creating long weekends for many – getting out of town is a must.  But nothing weighs down a vacation like excess luggage.  At the same time, the fear of spending time without our entire repertoire of clothes to choose from makes it easy to overpack.  But more isn't always more, and having a bunch of clothes that don't necessarily fit your needs is as useless as having nothing at all.  The key to smart packing, is to edit your options to only the most versatile and necessary items.

Part of being able to relax on a holiday is not worrying about anything - including your wardrobe.  While that may seem difficult for some, it can be easy to achieve with a little planning.  To get prepared for your next trip, check out these tips for a perfectly packed bag!

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