My Top 20 Guide to the Best Shops in PARIS

Paris is synonymous with Fashion. With a long history of being a sartorial hub, Paris is home to dozens of unimpeachable designers and some of the best creative eyes in the business. And while I was actually disappointed in the lack of street style during my recent Parisian sojourn (more on that later), I was blown away by the vast amount and variety of retailers. Though it’s dubbed the “City of Light” Paris could easily be called the city of shops – hosting a plethora of stores, both high and low end, vintage and new, scattered throughout each and every arrondisement. The question I kept asking myself as I scoured the streets for inspiring personal style was “with so many incredible clothes available to buy, why aren’t the locals better dressed?” Fearful that I was just missing that “je ne sais quoi” that the world bestows upon Parisians and their style – I asked a few other fashion-y friends, both French and American for their thoughts. The unanimous agreement was that New Yorkers seem to put more effort into their daily fashion, for better or for worse. Sometimes that results in wacky, over-styled looks that scream desperation, and other times – it’s the equivalent of creative caviar. Either way, at least one can always count on New York city sidewalks to offer plenty of eye candy.

Of course there were a few admirable outfits that I spotted while in Paris, but overall, I got the most excitement from the shopping. So, to share the excitement, I’ve rounded up the top 20 nattiest shops that I found in Paris. Below is a list of my personal favorites in the “City of Shops”.




-Selling everything from Celine bags and Maison Martin Margiela Fragrance, down to worldly trinkets or designer Coke bottles… You can even grab a coffee downstairs in the chic café.

213 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris. 01 55 35 33 90


-You could shop for your entire life in Merci. Men’s and women’s clothing blend seamlessly with home décor and elegant garden tools. A library café is a great spot to stop for a break in between the 3 levels.

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris. 01 42 77 00 33


-Effortless and well edited, the hippest brands of women’s clothing and accessories are staggered throughout the wide yet minimal space.

16 Rue la Vieuville 75018 Paris. 01 42 23 41 40


-Feminine with a dose of edge, this inviting shop offers a selection of popular contemporary designers with that Parisian “je ne sais quoi.”

18 Rue Mabillon 75006 Paris, France

01 43 25 21 24



-Like walking into your stylish grandmother’s jewelry box… Dary’s is a treasure trove of antique and pre-owned jewelry, where all the cool girls in Paris shop.

362 Rue St Honoré 75001 Paris. 01 42 60 95 23

L’EMBELLIE (Multiple Locations)

-Top to bottom, find good deals on a great selection of pre-loved designer aussie pokies clothes and accessories.

24 Rue de Charenton 75012 Paris. 01 42 74 36 33


-A well-edited boutique filled with the best of Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Pucci and more, passed on from the city’s best dressed.

5 Rue Marché St Honoré 75001 Paris. 01 40 20 99 76


-Specializing in Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton, this boutique offers hard to find items from quintessential French designers at a price slightly below retail.

1 Rue Guisarde 75006 Paris. 01 43 54 74 18


-Like entering your cool sister’s closet…Hip, downtown brands like Isabel Marant and Faith Connexion get a second chance at fair prices.

22 Rue La Vieuville 75018 Paris. 09 53 20 46 17



-A quintessentially French brand, Barbara Bui is where elegance meets edge.

67 Rue Saints Pères

Paris. 01 45 44 37 21

CELINE (Multiple Locations)

-The brand of the most coveted bags on the fashion scene right now, Celine’s Paris boutiques offer the full selection of crisp, clean ready-to-wear and accessories in bare, raw spaces – perfect for showcasing the collection.

25 Rue Pont Neuf Paris. 01 55 80 12 12

VANESSA BRUNO (Multiple Locations)

-Sweet and girlie, yet grownup enough for women of all ages - Vanessa Bruno’s designs are always charming and fresh.

100 Rue Vieille du Temple Paris. 01 42 77 19 41

ISABEL MARANT (Multiple Locations)

-The ultimate “IT” brand in the world of fashion right now – Isabel Marant defines downtown cool.

1 Rue Jacob Paris. 01 43 26 04 12

SANDRO (Multiple Locations)

-Whether shopping for men or women, Sandro’s aesthetic is both hip and refined.

26 Rue Sévigné Paris. 01 42 71 91 59

MAJE (Multiple Locations)

-Sandro’s little sister brand – Maje, is usually more girly and flirty than it’s multi-sex counterpart.

42 Rue Four Paris. 01 42 61 91 13

CLAUDIE PIERLOT (Multiple Locations)

-Preppy but cool, Claudie Pierlot is also part of the Sandro/Maje family.

23 Rue Vieux Colombier Paris. 01 45 48 11 96

LES FEES DE BENGALE (Multiple Locations)

-Airy and soft, this feminine collection offers everything from printed maxi dresses to laced up ballet flats.

70 rue Montmartre - 75002 Paris. 01 46 33 84 97

ELEVEN PARIS (Multiple Locations)

-Affordable and edgy, this street savvy brand is a great spot to find that perfect leather jacket or shredded T you’ve been seeking.

3 Rue de Turbigo 75001 Paris. 01 44 59 69 15



-Their motto is “The art of the basic”, which pretty much sums up this minimalist boutique filled with perfect versions of modern basics. The well-priced collection are great building blocks for any wardrobe.

78 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003, Paris. 01 44 54 95 14


-A tiny shop packed with elegant home décor and gifts. From a shabby chic lamp to a crystal letter opener or vintage cigarette roller, this spot is full of things you never knew you needed.

11 Passage Choiseul 75002 Paris. 06 68 22 74 99