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My 3 Step, DIY guide to Spring Cleaning Your Closet, Even If You're No Marie Kondo

My 3 Step, DIY guide to Spring Cleaning Your Closet, Even If You're No Marie Kondo

As a personal stylist, I’ve been wardrobe cleansing for 10 years. Whether shopping for my clients or editing their current wardrobes; my motto is always “love or bust, not lust!”

Check out my simple DIY guide and learn how to tackle your own wardrobe detox. PLUS where to earn cash back for your cast-offs!

Personalized Spring Style Inspo with Le Curate

Imagine a curated list of suggested shopping items, styled into outfits just for you and delivered directly to your email box by a trained stylist.  Sound like a dream come true?  Well now it can be - thanks to Le Curate.  The girls behind this genius idea are Allison Berlin and Sara Pollan Dimedio.  We were first introduced through a photo shoot we all worked on back in the day - and it was love at first collab!  So when they announced their latest venture, of course I was thrilled and honored to participate.


In addition to their personalized, online and in person shopping services - Le Curate also stages stunning editorial spreads featuring interviews with fashionable tastemakers around the country.  Meant to inspire readers to experiment with the latest trends in unexpected ways, these features offer tips and a unique perspective on personal style.  For our shoot, of course I had some input on the styling - but the girls chose all of the clothes.  Let me tell you, for a stylist to allow herself to be styled... it ain't always easy!  So let it be a testament to their skill, that I loved each and every Hippie in Heels inspired outfit.

[CLICK HERE] To view the full spread and interview on Le Curate.  And click below for even more exclusive outtakes!