It Ain't Easy Bein' Green

"Eat your greens!"  You've heard it from your mother since you were a kid, and these days, with juice shops on every corner, and restaurants competing for the best kale salad - there are more ways than ever to satisfy Mama’s wishes.  

We can all agree that greens are a good thing, and most of us know that iceberg lettuce doesn’t really count.  But even the other varieties are not all created equal, and some can be more helpful for your dietary needs than others.  When you step up to a salad bar, you might waver between spinach, with it’s reputation for nutrition density, and romaine with it’s satisfying crunch.  But what if romaine was better for you than you thought (hint: it is).  Have you been struggling to chew through raw kale, thinking that raw foods are always better for you (hint: they’re not)?  

Like everything when it comes to nutrition and diet - it's important to mix it up, even when it comes to the types of greens you’re munching.   

So, in honor of St. Patrick's day - check out my guide below to learn why, and how, to eat your greens in all shades!