How to Heal Your Hair From the Inside with Biotin

I’ll be honest, while I’m pretty low maintenance (read: lazy) about my hair routine - I still care an awful lot about my mop.  I’m not big on products (again, lazy), and prefer to feed my hair so that it takes care of itself.  My hair stylist, Giulia Heiman knows me well, and knows how careful I am about what I put both on and in my body–so when she started telling me about biotin ages ago, I put my skepticism aside for a moment and listened.  

As it turns out, biotin is actually a B vitamin found naturally in egg yolks, liver and yeast that breaks down fat and sugar in our bodies to support hair, skin and nail health.  Giulia, who spends her days getting intimately acquainted with her client’s hair, has “clients who’ve seen up to several inches of growth within 6 weeks of taking biotin supplements”. 

In fact, she’s such a believer that last year she launched BE Biotin, a line of supplements that blends 5000 mgs of Biotin with 3 herbs (Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed and Pygeum) to fight hair loss on every level.  This combo of 100% natural goodness is “essentially an herbal form of Propecia (a wildly successful hair loss product for men) minus the side effects” says Giulia - so it’s as popular with the boys as it is with us gals.  Plus - the pretty packaging lets you keep it out on a shelf, where you’ll be reminded to take it daily.  

This week, I chatted with Giulia not only about why biotin works, but what other easy steps we can take to keep our lovely locks shiny and healthy.  Check out the interview below, AND...the exciting part... To celebrate St Patrick’s Day - one lucky reader will WIN a one year supply of BE Biotin, valued at $384!  Details are below.


What's different about BE Biotin from other biotin supplements?

One of the first things you'll notice about BE Biotin is that it's not packaged like your average vitamin. One of the most important factors in using supplements successfully, is to take them daily. I wanted to design a bottle that clients could keep out on display, and therefore remember to take regularly.  

What’s the story on DHT?

DHT is a hormone that increases as we age, and it's been shown to be the main culprit when it comes to hair loss and thinning. Along with 5000 mgs of Biotin, BE Biotin contains 3 herbs (Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed and Pygeum) that lower DHT levels to fight hair loss naturally.

For girls wanting to grow their hair or nails, what tips can you share?

If you're looking to grow hair fast, take a supplement that has at least 5000 mgs of biotin (for some reason this seems to be the lucky number) and make sure to trim hair and nails regularly to strengthen and promote growth. Clients don't like to believe this fact, but trimming the hair really does give it a growth spurt. Just make sure your stylist isn't cutting off more than an 1/8th of an inch!

What else can we do to maintain the general health of our hair, skin and nails?

Hair likes to be fed from the inside out; so a diet rich in good fats and lean or vegetable protein will keep hair healthy and shiny. Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron and Omega-3 fatty acids are also great for hair, skin and nail health.  



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