Cross Continental Style with a Global Impact: Maiyet

Although places like Paris, New York and Milan may be the most heavily associated with the fashion, that narrative is growing more diverse by the day as the industry begins to embrace craftsmanship from around the world.  One brand who's been making a splash on a global front since 2010, is Maiyet.

My own obsession with Maiyet began a few years ago with a pair of buttery smooth, knee-high leather boots that I lusted after at Barneys.  It grew when I discovered their collection of striking horn and gold jewelry, and it blossomed when I learned about the ethos of the brand.  Dedicated to "finding the next generation of global artisans and harnessing their skills ... meanwhile giving them greater opportunity and greater dignity in the global marketplace", Maiyet taps exotic talent from around the world allowing for appreciation in the luxury market.  By partnering with artisans in countries like Bolivia, Peru, Italy, Kenya and more, Maiyet is able to not only find and create the best quality goodies, but also to support the local communities from where they come.  "The idea is that these skilled individuals who don't have the same opportunities as we do are given the opportunity to hone their talents, learn business skills, and lift up their families and communities to be more economically sustainable and self-sufficient" 

Our mission is about finding people in developing communities—people with rare skills, a rich heritage, and deep-rooted artisanal traditions—and cultivating their talents in a way that is relevant and applicable to the modern luxury fashion market.
— - Paul Van Zyl, CEO and founder of MAIYET

While socially responsible and fair trade practices have been gaining more momentum in the fashion industry, they are not often associated with luxury.  Outsourcing talent for the gains of the consumer (think cottons from Turkey, embroidery from Mexico) is common, but unless the creators are being fairly compensated - is that Indian beaded gown really luxurious?  Maiyet answers that question by sharing the wealth on both ends in a way that benefits the global economy as much as our wardrobes.  So although it won't come cheap, (Maiyet's ready to wear starts around $500) the peace of mind in knowing where your dollar is going, is priceless.  

Shop for Maiyet's signature bangles, Sia bag, silk tops and much more at Net-a-Porter, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Shopbop or get the full experience at their flagship store at 16 Crosby st in NYC.