I Don't Need Deodorant, I Have Dirt; Why I Get Dirty to Get Clean.


I gave up deodorant years ago. Ok, maybe not entirely. But after learning about the super scary stuff that traditional antiperspirant can cause, (think reproductive issues and cancers) I switched from brands like Secret Ultra Dry to more natural alternatives. I tried Arm & Hammer with baking soda, Toms, some goo made out of clay and charcoal and finally landed on the simple Crystal as my preferred method of staying fresh. But let’s face it, some days you’ve got a few extra toxins to process (here’s lookin at you, New Year’s Day) and it’s a little tougher to avoid the funk. So I turned...to Mother Dirt.

Evidently, live bacteria and probiotics are as beneficial when applied topically as they are when they’re ingested, working hard to regulate bacteria in the skin. So that means clearer skin, and fresher pits. I’ll admit that I was skeptical when I first discovered the line (MD sent me some samples) but the skin is our largest organ after all, so I figured I’d give the dirt aka topical probiotic spray a try. A few weeks of spraying my face every morning (bye bye breakouts!) and under my arms (bye bye funk!) and I was hooked. I also began using the moisturizer on my arms because regardless of how much I scrub and moisturize, I always have a smattering of tiny bumps on my biceps. A common issue called keratosis pilaris (or "chicken skin" as another afflicted friend jokingly calls it) it didn’t bother me much until I realized how nice it was to have perfectly smooth skin. Slather me in probiotics! Hooray for dirt!

Mother Dirt has a whole line-up of products including a shampoo that I’ve yet to use, but if you’re looking for a way to clean-up in 2018, you may want to think about getting dirty.