How to Prevent & Treat Sunburn w/ Red Wine & Potatoes

Ok so you're all set on the best ways to protect your skin from the outside, in. But did you know that what you eat can actually prevent and heal sun damage too?! Check out how some of your favorite (and even naughty!) foods can keep your skin safe this summer. 



An apple a day keeps the sun damage away... thanks to plant-based compounds called polyphenols that help regulate inflammation and oxidative stress. Turns out, the humble apple is one of the highest concentrated sources of polyphenols there is. 

Olive Oil

Vitamin E is one of the best natural ways to prevent oxidative stress and reduce UVB damage to the skin, and good ol' olive oil has it a-plenty. Not to mention plenty of polyphenols too.


Walnuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which everyone knows are essential for skin elasticity and health. But walnuts also help to plump up the skin by preventing cell breakdown, thereby protecting your skin from UV radiation. 


Oranges get all the credit for being vitamin C powerhouses. But did you know that guavas have 5 times as much? 


Feeling guilty about your morning java? Don't. Coffee and tea are both great sources of polyphenols, and can protect from hyper pigmentation and sunspots. 

Red Wine

It just gets better and better. Red wine is a great source guessed it, polyphenols again. So go ahead and have a couple of glasses a week and toast "to your health." You'll think you look better, and maybe you actually will. 


Cruciferous veggies are great at fighting inflammation, and broccoli also contains a compound called sulphorane, which activates the skin's defense system against UV light. PLUS it's the most concentrated veggie source of those good ol' polyphenols I keep harping on.




Sliced or grated into a poultice, raw potato can offer instant relief when applied directly to sunburnt skin. This is especially great for when you just "missed a spot" with that sunscreen.

Strawberries & Blackberries

Mash up these sweeties into a quick paste for spot-on relief. 


Whole body got it bad? Blend up a cup of oatmeal and add it to a tub of cool bathwater. Add cinnamon and raisins and drink. JK. Just making sure you're paying attention ;-)