Natural Bath & Body Creams That Smell Like a Dream


Hi, I'm Natalie and I am an addict. My addiction? Any toxin-free beauty or body product that makes me feel pampered. I'm forever sampling the latest and greatest oils, miracle creams and serums promising to age me backwards. You know, in the name of research… When something smells like a dream because of good-for-me ingredients rather than sneaky toxins, I’m insta-hooked.

Yes, I'm admitting my addiction, but I have no plans for rehab. I'll just keep bringing my findings here to share with you! Like Yuni Beauty, a brand I discovered a few years ago through their Shower Sheets (one of my all-time travel essentials) and have since been systematically sampling the whole freakin line. Batting 10/10 on every heaven scented product that I've tried, I figured it was time to share some of the most unique items from this plant-based, organic bath and body brand.

Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel $18

Arnica, peppermint and a blend anti-inflammatory ingredients make for a much more pleasant version of Tiger Balm. A serious lifesaver after an intense workout.

Wind Down Warming Body Oil $35

A potent blend of spices give this body oil mega warming and aromatherapy capabilities. As in, your skin actually tingles and heats up for a good 30 minutes - 1 hour afterward. OBSESSED in the cold winter months.

Rise & Chill Cooling Body Gel $30  

The hot weather alternative to the body oil, this stuff is perfect after an intense workout, or as instant relief from a heatwave.

Om World Body Mist $28

Not since the days of Gap Dream and Victoria's Secret's LoveSpell (read: middle school) have I enjoyed a body spray. Until this one. Perfect when a perfume would be too much: like when my boyfriend is coming over and I want to appear inconspicuously fresh, or when I'm meeting a girlfriend for coffee straight from the gym. Or even right before bed! This fragrance is so light, so fresh so... dreamy.

The Shower Sheets $15

Basically a fancy-pants baby wipe that actually cleanses and deodorizes with divinely scented natural botanicals. Perfect for the gym or travel, these leave you smelling like a freshly showered adult.

All Purpose Body Balm $25

Ok fine, this one is not unique but again… that scent! I’m hooked on the refreshing fragrance and light yet super emollient texture.


And because every ingredient at Yuni is ethically sourced, fair-trade and environmentally conscious; treating yourself is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. You're welcome! ;-)