My Beauty Sleep Secrets: How To Guarantee a Good Night


World Sleep Day is March 16th (who knew?) and Daylight Savings is around the corner (March 11th to be exact). While losing an hour of sleep is a bummer, having an extra hour of daylight sure isn’t. As a friend recently said “I lose an hour of sleep for all kinds of reasons, but I never gain an hour of daylight!” Too true…

However, the importance of sleep is nothing to sneeze at. Over 35% of the population is not getting their 7-8 hours, and it’s leading to chronic problems. I used to live by the mantra “sleep when you’re dead” until burning the candle at both ends caught up with me causing all kinds of health issues. As it turns out, sleep does a lot more than just reduce your weekly coffee budget.



Memory Loss

And generally compromised learning capabilities.

Weight Gain

Thanks to slowed metabolism and altered hormone levels caused by lack of sleep. Not to mention, who wants to go to the gym when they’re tired? But I’ll bet that brownie looks extra delicious when you’re sleepy...

Moodiness & Depression

Sleep loss may result in irritability, impatience, inability to concentrate, and moodiness. Read: Crankypants.  

Cardiovascular health

Hypertension and irregular heartbeats… no thank you.


Immune functions are depleted when you’re sleep deprived. Even the scary stuff like cancer has a better chance of catching up with you when you aren’t catching your Zzzs.


Ok, not not necessarily, but beauty sleep is not an outdated concept. Fatigue leads to more wrinkles, under-eye bags, acne and dryness thanks to increased cortisol levels.



Priorities, Priorities, Priorities

You can complain that you’re too busy, but ultimately it’s up to you to schedule your sleep time. That might mean missing an episode of Game of Thrones, or telling your boss that you won’t be available on emails until 9 am because you’ll be a better employee if you’re well rested.  

Wind Down

Turning off screens (laptop, computer, phone - they all count!) and doing something relaxing at least 30 minutes to an hour before bed is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep. Take a bath, journal or read a book until your eyelids start to droop.

If you build it, [sleep] will come

Make sure your bedroom is somewhere that you want to be. Clean sheets, soft lighting, mellow music, non-toxic candles… Anything to make your room feel like a personal zen-den.

Learn How to Breathe

Once you’ve shut off the outside world and settled into your zen-den, try this super quick and simple breathing technique to release the stress of the day.

Get Help

Still can’t sleep? Try a natural sleep supplement like RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts or RESCUE PLUS Sleep Gummies with melatonin - both perfect for keeping by your nightstand because they don’t require water. Apps like Nightly can also help lull you to sleep and stave of nightmares!

Shop the slideshow above (or links below) for a few more of my favorite tools for slipping off to snoozeville.


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