Groundhog Day: Revisiting Some of the Best of Natty Style!

Groundhog Day: Revisiting Some of the Best of Natty Style!

6 more weeks of winter?!  May as well be prepared with some good eats and good reading.  To get you started, I rounded up 10 of my favorite posts from the past year...

Natty Style Files for Cosmopolitan: How I Became a Professional Stylist

I am Natalie Decleve. I am a New York-based stylist and fashion correspondent, and founder of Natty Style, LLC. I am a travel addict, aesthete and foodie, feminist, and hopeless romantic. Home is a fifth floor studio in Manhattan’s West Village, which I’ve dubbed my Treehouse because of all the stairs you’ve got to climb to get there. I spend my days dressing my clients — the men and women of NYC — and writing for various media outlets. I spend my nights soaking up all that this rich and wild city has to offer. I am thankful each and every day to be living the dream that I envisioned as a kid growing up in California, many moons ago. Well, not exactly my dream, because as a kid, I dreamed of working in a flower shop during the day and bartending at night to afford a shoebox apartment in the center of Times Square. Thankfully, I came to my senses before I made that move. I realized that Times Square was the last place in NYC (and on Earth) where one would ever want to live, and re-calibrated my career compass toward fashion...

[CLICK HERE] To read the first edition of The Natty Style Files for Cosmo: details on how I made my dream a reality, and get tips on how to do the same with yours!