Bad Habit Breaking, Good Habit Making

Bad Habit Breaking, Good Habit Making

Still beating yourself up over unkept promises to yourself? Learn how to turn bad habits into good ones by getting inside, and outside of your own head. (Written for Darling Magazine's Fall Issue)

Natty Style Files for Cosmopolitan: How I Became a Professional Stylist

I am Natalie Decleve. I am a New York-based stylist and fashion correspondent, and founder of Natty Style, LLC. I am a travel addict, aesthete and foodie, feminist, and hopeless romantic. Home is a fifth floor studio in Manhattan’s West Village, which I’ve dubbed my Treehouse because of all the stairs you’ve got to climb to get there. I spend my days dressing my clients — the men and women of NYC — and writing for various media outlets. I spend my nights soaking up all that this rich and wild city has to offer. I am thankful each and every day to be living the dream that I envisioned as a kid growing up in California, many moons ago. Well, not exactly my dream, because as a kid, I dreamed of working in a flower shop during the day and bartending at night to afford a shoebox apartment in the center of Times Square. Thankfully, I came to my senses before I made that move. I realized that Times Square was the last place in NYC (and on Earth) where one would ever want to live, and re-calibrated my career compass toward fashion...

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