No Stress, No Sickness Travel Secrets

It’s the holiday season, otherwise known as flu season, otherwise known as the biggest travel time of the year. This winter I am planning some combination of celebrating with family in Northern California, skiing in either Lake Tahoe or Whistler and warming up in either Los Angeles or Costa Rica. From snow to sun, how the heck does one prepare for so much time away from home? Well, I’ll tell you…


                                          WHAT TO CARRY-ON

If you’ve got the big stuff checked in your suitcase, you’re free to bring just the basics on board. Proper Assembly (not pictured) is donating 100% of their profits through the end of the year to charity, and their backpacks are just the right size to hold:


A Good Book

The writer of Eat Pray Love wrote an inspiration for creativity called Big Magic, I am currently reading The Interestings, which is also topping the New York Times reading list, and David Saderis’ Holidays on Ice is a pocket sized classic that you can finish on a quick flight.

An Eye-mask

If you’re serious about sleeping on the redeye, make sure to bring an eye-mask to ward off airplane lights and invasive flight attendants.

Cozy Socks

Airplanes are always cold. It’s a fact. Snuggly socks will keep you cozy and clean en route, plus wear them instead of slippers at your destination.

Moisturizers of All Kinds

Airplanes and cold weather are drying. Make sure to bring a good lip balm, hand cream and facial spray to avoid looking and feeling like a raisin upon arrival. 

a Shower Without A Shower

Travel schedules can be grueling, and sometimes you need a shower when one just isn’t possible. These shower sheets from Yuni Beauty are awesome for freshening up on the go, and I love an essential oil based travel fragrance that's both mood boosting and not overpowering. 

Peppermint Beadlets

These double as both breath fresheners and tummy calmers for bumpy rides. Mine are from doTERRA.


I recently shared my best tips for staying healthy on the go for Sakara Life magazine. But in addition to eating well and exercising, I always pack a few essential oils and vitamins to make sure I don’t get sick.

Lemon Oil

At home I start each day with fresh squeezed lemon in warm water. When I travel, I use a couple of drops of lemon oil as a daily detox and Vitamin C booster.

On Guard Beadlets

I get these from doTERRA, they’re a blend of cinnamon and clove oils-I pop these daily to build my immunity.

Oregano Oil

If I feel like I’m getting sick, I swear by oregano oil to fend off any illness! It’s a hot oil with a STRONG flavor, so dilute a few drops in a shot of water, and wear lipbalm to avoid burning lips. But just think what that burn is doing to your pending cold…


You never know when you’ll need an immunity boost, and on planes and in hotels your tea selection is likely limited. I always stash a few of my own tea bags like Traditional Medicinal’s Gypsy Cold Care or Seasonal Sampler Numi’s Rooibos Chai.

Vitamins To Go

Planes, trains, and lack of sleep can leave you depleted. I carry Source Natural’s more natural version of Emergen-C with me wherever I go.


||THANKS|| A huge thanks to SWISSGEAR for getting me to and from my holiday adventures in style. 

||WARDROBE|| Coat by O'2nd, sweater by T by Alexander Wang, jeans by McGuire (all from Scoop), vintage hat, backpack by Loeffler Randall.

||PHOTOS|| by Simbarashe Cha of Lord Ashbury