10 Travel Friendly Gifts to Take You AWAY

Written for HERE magazine

Whether you’re a jet-setter, a style setter, both or you just know someone who is… this gift guide has you covered. From the best travel-friendly beauty and herbal aids to stylish accessories from around the world.

  1. Kitsch Rose Quartz Roller $24

I bring this everywhere to combat jet lag eye puffiness and inflight inflammation!

2. Kitsch Silk Eye Mask $34

Look cute, even with your eyes closed.

3. Blacksaw 100% Recycled Throw $275

Super lux, super responsible.

4. Fika Pullover $115

Perfect for wearing on long flights! I personally pair with my grey Outdoor Voices leggings for a totally redeye ready outfit.

5. Public Goods Travel Set $16

As clean looking as they are clean-ing.

6. Wine Society Little Black Box $49

I love sending this as a thank-you to my hosts. Also love it when I just want one serving and don’t want to waste a bottle before going out of town!

7. Pure Kana CBD Capsules $83

Easier to transport than oil, CBD keeps me calm on long flights and hectic trips. This brand is my favorite so far!

8. Qi Alchemy Matcha Pearls $35

Jet lag be damned.

9.Lily Choi Qi Immunity Drops $30

The #1 best immunity booster I have ever used. I never leave home without it, especially if I’ll be on an airplane.

10. Antidote Wool Beret $43

For the francophile in all of us...