A Heart Beet Salad That Lives Up to It's Name

Looking to celebrate with something other than baked goods and chocolates this Valentine’s Day?  This Heart Beet salad is one of my faves year round, but since most of the ingredients are a aphrodisiacs, it’s especially appropriate for a day of love. 

Unlike figs or strawberries, which are labeled aphrodisiacs because of their, ahem, anatomical resemblance… beets have science behind their libido boosting claims.  They not only do they contain nitrates that generate blood flow to the brain and nether regions, but they also contain boron – a trace mineral directly related to the production of human sex hormones.  Pistachios top off this yummy salad, and while many nuts claim to support reproduction, these little green guys may replace the “little blue pill” as they’ve earned the nickname of nature’s Viagra.  Artichokes are yet another aphrodisiac, and their hearts along with hearts of palm make for a cheeky Valentine’s Day dish that’s easy and delish.

So go ahead and whip up this simple, 4 ingredient appetizer for your babe or beau and no matter what comes next you’re sure to enjoy it as much as this salad… Healthy is sexy, no? 


·      4 sliced stems of hearts of palm, preferably un-marinated (ie packed in        water) and from a jar

·      6-8 artichoke hearts cut in halves, preferably un-marinated (ie packed        in water) and from a jar

·      4 large parboiled beets, chopped 

·      ½ c organic pistachios, roughly chopped

·      A light drizzle of olive oil

·      A sprinkle of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (you could use any sea salt, but          this one is PINK for Valentine’s Day, and packed with health benefits)


1.     Combine all ingredients

2.     Serve to your date

3.     Enjoy!  ;-)