22 Ways to Spend Earth Day In Style

Earth Day is Friday the 22nd, and there are plenty of ways to show you're a tree hugger. One of them is to wear brands that love the earth as much as you do. Skeptical about how much impact the clothing industry really has on the environment? Check out the documentary "The True Cost of Fashion" on Amazon or Netflix, a must watch for any shopper. Besides issues of pollution and unethical labor, cotton is one of the most wasteful and toxic of crops (it can take 20,000 liters to create ONE pair of jeans!) As if you needed another reason to shop vintage!

If the words "eco friendly" still conjure up images of burlap dresses and recycled plastic shoes, there's good news: more and more brands are recycling and sourcing other sustainable fibers to make styles you'll actually want to wear. To prove there are zillions of covetable, chic-0-friendly goodies to be had; I've rounded up 22 of the best from undies to accessories, and everything in between.

Happy Earth Day!