3 Natural Beauty Salons & Spas in LA

When it comes to natural beauty, nobody does it better than California. So whenever I’m in LA, I make a point to see what they’re up to. After a thorough investigation of several spas during my last visit (I love my job) I rounded up 3 salons where cosmetic toxins are not welcome, but good vibes and great services are.

Inspired by Coqui Coqui (my favorite eco-chic boutique hotel in Tulum, MX) this tranquil spa offers massages using organic oils and aromatherapy. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of Los Angeles and into a rustic, yucatan resort; and leave feeling like you’ve been on vacation. Add-ons like the “Power Cleansing” abdominal massage make it even more appealing to the health minded.

The Now Massage $35 and up

Yet another destination influenced salon, Côte brings the magic of the côte d’azur to the heart of Brentwood. Imagine you’re in St Tropez by basking in the sunny garden while getting pampered. Toxin-free from tip to toe, Côte uses house made scrubs, moisturizers and 5-free polishes. They even lace their foot soak with nourishing Argan oil and offer SPF for all of that California sunshine. Snap a polaroid of your newly primped self to take home along with a sweet little polish sample.

Côte Beauty $16 and up

Olive & June is as cute as it’s name. With 3 locations to choose from (Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Santa Monica) each one is as Instagram worthy as the next. While the entire salon isn’t organic, they have tons of 5-free polishes to choose from from RGB, Deborah Lippmann and Treat Collection. If you go for the “Margot”, you’ll be pampering using toxin-free products from favorites Tata Harper, Odacide and Ojai.

Olive & June $40 for Margot