11:11 Guided Me to LA, Here's How to Use it to Manifest Magic


I was born a Gemini on June 11th, and for as long as I can remember I was obsessed with balanced duality, and with the number 11. About 2 years ago, I started becoming restless with my life in New York City. On the surface things were going swimmingly: work was busy, my friends were the best and I had a dream apartment in the West Village. I struggled with some pesky health issues and was single but generally I felt like my life was bountiful and full. Yet, I had an itch that I couldn’t quite scratch and so I began turning inward for answers. I meditated, I read books, I sublet my gorgeous apartment and spent a year traveling in an effort to find what I was missing. I adored New York City but after over a decade of big city living I felt stagnant, stuck in a rut. I began to contemplate a bigger "reset" than just taking a trip. Maybe it was time to move?

Around the time that I began thinking of moving to Los Angeles, I started noticing 11:11 on the clock almost twice a day, every day. As a child, I remembered my mom telling me to “make a wish” when a clock showed repeating numbers, but I'd considered it nothing more than superstition. A quick Google search revealed hundreds of articles relating 11:11 to synchronicity; the more spiritual sources naming it as a sign from the universe that you’re on the right path. What’s more, they nearly all point to the power of manifestation during that minute on the clock, “aha” I thought, “make a wish…” I started paying attention to my thoughts whenever my eye caught the number and noticed it was often when contemplating Los Angeles. My interest was peaked but I wasn’t about to move cross-country because the numbers on a clock told me to. So, I “went to explore” LA on October 17th, giving myself one month to investigate the possibility of a more permanent shift.

It was a tough month of apartment hunting in a heatwave, things on the left coast just weren’t clicking. I was feeling pretty sure that I would go back to New York after all, putting my bi-coastal dreams to rest. As I approached the one month deadline (one might even say, in the 11th hour) and I was about to give up and head back east, the perfect West Hollywood apartment fell into my lap. Upon signing the lease for November 15th, my landlord informed me that in fact it would be ready for me a few days earlier if I wanted to pick up the keys...on 11.11.

Without knowing what the universe had in store for me or why I should move away from my favorite city in the world, I felt supported in the decision to make a change. Especially when I realized that it was my 11th year in New York City. Is this bicoastal life forever? Am I done with New York for good? Likely not, but what this one year in Los Angeles has given me is exactly what I was craving in New York: I completely regained optimal health and I fell in love. So call me woowoo, call me a hippie... but me and the 11’s? We’ve got a thing goin’ on.

So how can you use this special day and time to manifest your own destiny? 

1. MAKE A WISH Whenever you see 11:11 on the clock, take that minute to close your eyes, breath deeply and truly feel what it would be like to have the thing that you desire. On November 11th, do an 11 minute meditation or the writing exercise linked here. 

2. FOLLOW THE STEPS These 8 simple steps will help you to visualize and achieve your dreams

3. THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT Download Breath 11:11 and tap into the collective  consciousness

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WEARING Jumpsuit by Brooke Coleman Collection, meditation floor pillow by Aquarelle Maison, sofa pillow by Proud Mary, candle by Sunday Forever