My 3 Fave Boutique Workouts in Los Angeles!


I think we can all agree that the lifestyle in NYC vs LA is… different. In New York, I’m sprinting to catch a train, catch a taxi, catch a stoplight…running up and down my apartment building’s stairs with armloads of groceries in hand or simply walking 10 minutes to and from the grocery store. So even if I miss a workout or two–I tend to burn plenty of calories just living life. However, in a driving city like LA hitting those recommended 10,000 steps is a lot tougher. So when I am there, designating time to workout becomes more important.

Luckily, LA has long been a mecca for all things health centered and with the urban sprawl allowing for plenty of large sunny studios in every neighborhood - this city is rife with bomb boutique fitness.

Below are my 3 current favorite west coast ways to keep it high n’ tight!


WHERE West Hollywood // 8231 W Third Street, Suite C

THE CONCEPT Working out the larger, lower body muscles results in higher calorie burn both in class and afterward. Named after the Portuguese word for butt, Bunda combines a zillion ways to work out your legs and tush and somehow always keep class interesting.

WHY I LOVE IT I left pouring sweat every day despite never doing any intense cardio, and the variety of exercises made the 55 minute classes fly by!


WHERE Hollywood //1503 N Cahuenga Blvd


THE CONCEPT Combine yoga, a Himalayan salt wall and an infrared sauna and what do you get? A two-for-one workout and deep detox session.

WHY I LOVE IT I love infrared saunas so much that I have written about them twice. Doing yoga or pilates inside of one not only saves the time, but I find stretching in the heat to be calming and gentler on my muscles. I also love the intimacy of this cute little studio and all of the other goodies they offer!



WHERE Hollywood (at Wanderlust) //1357 N. Highland Ave (also in NYC!)


THE CONCEPT Difficult to put into words, so I’ll borrow from their website: “The Class is a music-driven, mat-based practice of self study through physical conditioning…challenge the body to engage the mind.” Think: dozens of jumping jacks and squats in a heated room, set to thumping music and a voice telling you to “embrace the discomfort, feel your feelings, push through to grow…

WHY I LOVE IT It may sound wackadoo, but listening to positive affirmations and ridiculously motivating music while doing repetitive movements is apparently a recipe for not only a killer body, but possibly an emotional breakthrough. I manage to laugh and cry just about Every. Damn. Time. And leave feeling like I’ve had a great therapy session AND earned a huge brunch. *Note: While there’s a studio now in NYC as well, I personally prefer the Wanderlust experience 10/10 times. There’s something about being in a huge beautiful space that feels more like a ranch than a small fitness studio that really… gets me.