21 Girl Powered Valentine's Day Gifts For Yourself & Your Besties

What better time to celebrate your feminine and feminist side, than on everybody's favorite love-centric yet polarizing holiday, Valentine's Day? You'll find everything from cheeky boobie earrings and a very kissable fanny pack, to modern lingerie and even a dope pair of pink leather sneakers because...why not? But the one thing that all of these brands have in common, is that they're run by women. Many come from Bulletin, which is one of my favorite resources for girl-powered goodies that help support Planned Parenthood with every purchase! So free the nipple er...credit card and treat yourself to something sassy. 


Thelma & Louise BFF Pins $15

Boobie Crop Top $23

Brooklyn Candle Love Potion Candle $24

Lips Studs Earrings $18

True & Co Lace Body $88

Pinky Swear Hoodie $40

Mary Young Emry Sheer Panty & Bra $40+

Boobie Earrings $45

True & Co Lace Corset $78

Lips Fanny Pack $45

Make America Love Again Cap $18

Nasty Woman Keychain $12

Future is Female Sweatshirt $68

Koio Capri Fiore Leather Sneaker SALE $239

Machete Kate Earrings $38

Kris Nations Women Symbol Studs $38

The Style Club Womnyn Tee $39

Lara Intimates Pink Bodysuit $105

Nasty Woman Slippers $45

Calvin Klein Lacey Bralette $58

Darling You’re a Goddess Print $10