VAGABLONDE: A Travel Tale, In Jeans


As some of you know, a while ago I began a little side project called VAGABLONDE. A vintage denim brand hand stitched by me, VAGABLONDE is inspired by my nomadic lifestyle and the belief that "not all who wander are lost." What started as a spontaneous craft project for myself and then friends, VAGABLONDE is now a capsule collection and available to buy in stores! When Skinnydip picked up the collection this month, I was so honored and excited, I couldn't wait to share the news with all of you.

The idea for VAGABLONDE came to me in a dream while I was traveling to style a client in Austin, TX. I woke up, scribbled a few drawings and slogans in my journal, and fell back asleep. I all but forgot the idea until months later when I agreed to a cross-country road trip with a friend. "What on earth will I do with my hands for so many hours as a passenger?" I wondered. So I pulled out the sketches, packed up my own vintage Levi's jacket and shorts and purchased a rainbow of embroidery materials. We hit the road and I got to stitching... Amazingly, the designs in my head translated through my fingers and I became an embroidering maniac. Ideas flowed as we drove through the southwest, stopping at every vintage and thrift store from New York to California to source more denim. I embroidered each one with dual meaning, travel themed slogans like "Nomad...Not Mad" "Ramble on...And Onward" and "Wanderlust...Not Lost." As I navigated my own path of self discovery, I marked each one with an "N" pointing to the gut or heart of each garment, reminding wearers where to find your true North. 

By the end of the trip, I had decided to move to Los Angeles, still living about one week per month in NYC. I spent every Sunday in LA shopping the flea markets in search of the best Levis, Lee, Jordache and Wranglers - stitching up what became the Bicoastal Collection with California inspired goodies like "I'm Bi...Coastal" "Lost Angeles" and "The Director Made me Do It."

I sold the pieces by word of mouth and Instagram for a while, and now for the first time since it's infancy, VAGABLONDE is available to the public at Skinnydip! Currently on the racks, soon to be online. Contact Skinnydip HERE for a full range of styles and prices!





I would LOVE your feedback on the line. Drop me a note in the comments below or email me for personal requests. Thank you for coming along with me on my journey! Your support is palpable and so very much appreciated.