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Autumn Entertaining with Bon Appetit!

Autumn Entertaining with Bon Appetit!

September has arrived! Which means everyone is back from summer travels and ready to reconnect with each other. What better way to do so than by hosting a dinner party? In Bon Appetit's September issue, you'll find my tips for creating a decadent tablescape and wild feast with vintage glassware and unique finds from some of my favorite boutiques.

My Treehouse Featured on Refinery 29

"Whitney & Paloma, the free-spirited beauties behind Valentine NYC, are on a two-woman mission to revive romance by showcasing some of the most inspiring couples from NYC to L.A — often in their skivvies. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, the ladies design some killer lingerie, too.

Natalie Decleve, a stylist, fashion correspondent, and Lorde-lover like ourselves, turned her West Village apartment into a stylish, inspiration-filled hang-out. Click through for the pics!"

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