Night Habits for a Bright Morning

Sakara and it's babe-alicious co-founders, Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle pioneered the food space with their babe worthy plant-based meal delivery system. Since then, Sakara has grown into a lifestyle brand through their online magazine, S-Life. As a reader and contributor, and friend of the girls, I was thrilled to be asked to participate in their new Night Cap series. Click here (or scroll down) to learn some of my favorite healthy habits from my nightly routine!


I usually have a huge bowl of veggies, often curried. I love what I call “healthy comfort food” which is not at all fancy, but delicious and nourishing. Often I’ll add steamed shrimp, lump crabmeat or a piece of broiled wild Alaskan King salmon. I love picking up an organic roast chicken from Whole Foods which’ll feed me for days – and if I’m feeling really lazy, I’ll fill up from the organic prepared foods bar at LifeThyme Market. I grate fresh ginger root into hot water pretty much all day long, so by nighttime I’m over the tea and onto other things… like chocolate.

I take bedtime snacking seriously. My day is not complete without dessert in bed. I alternate between banana and nut butter straight from the jar (Nuttzo Organic 7 Seed & Nut Butter is my everything), a Fine & Raw dark chocolate bar, some quick homemade banana “nice” cream with cardamom or avocado chocolate pudding.


I only wash my hair about 2x a week and never at bedtime, so daily baths are ideal. A bathtub is a non-negotiable in any apartment I live in, especially for the winter months when I feel like there’s no other way to warm up. I usually use Believe Organic’s Detox clay soak which is great for relieving sore muscles, cleansing skin and extracting any yucky stuff from your day. If I run out of that, I’ll use quality magnesium salts because I’ve had a hard time finding a truly natural bubbly bath product (any suggestions welcome!)

doTERRA essential oils are the best because they’re certified therapeutic grade, edible and sustainably sourced. I put lavender oil in my bath, along with a detox bath soak by Believe Organics. I also use Frankincense on my skin to fight age/sun spots, and tea tree aka Maleleuca oil on any breakouts. Shoo zits!

Before bed, I make sure my face is thoroughly washed and clean, then use Drunk Elephant’s glycolic serum and Kahina Argan oil all over my face, and pure vitamin e oil on my eyes.

I love face masks. I have no idea if they do a damn thing, but they feel like a treat and I love treats. I like clay masks when my skin is feeling oily in the summer, and moisturizing masks like GM Collin’s Organic Energizing  mask when I’m dry.


To set the mood and unwind, I light the candles in my fireplace, dim the lights (I’m big on mood lighting) and listen to jazz, take a bath and read. I’ll also listen to This American Life or Prairie Home Companion on NPR, drink a nice glass of red wine with some raw dark chocolate.

I’m not big on TV. I haven’t owned one in years as I find it stresses me out. They’re also rather large (my apartment is not), and not terribly pretty. I prefer a picture on my wall and to watch Netflix or Hulu online if I need to. I try to quit all electronics at least 30 minutes before bed. I use that last little bit of the day to read, journal or meditate. It really helps me to fall asleep quickly, rather than lying awake and running over my to-do list. Usually I’m reading some kind of book on health, nutrition, enlightenment or something heady and educational for my work, but right now I’m treating myself to a novel called The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer. So good! And interesting! 


Most of the year, I sleep in my skin. But super cold nights call for stripe-y long john style leggings, a super soft cotton T and sometimes even a cashmere sweater. My “proper pjs” for sleepovers w/ friends (like on vacation) are usually from Eberjey.

I have a steely grey set and a white bedding set. I love white, though. But they’re hard to keep clean, especially given my chocolate and red wine in bed habit. Right now I have Snowe Home’s duvet cover which I love, and I’m eyeing some new sustainable bamboo sheets from Parachute Home.

I don’t technically have a nightstand, but in my little window nook I have a candle that I always light before bed, Yuni Beauty’s Body Butter and Believe Organic’s cuticle oil, my Warby Parker glasses, a silk sleep mask and earplugs because this city is noisy…and bright.

I remember my dreams often! I dream about homes and spaces all the time. I call my apartment “The Treehouse” because it’s on a 5th floor walk up and has high ceilings and this giant library ladder…the other night I dreamt that I found the most AMAZING treehouse to live in, it had several rooms, a human size birdbath out of the window and so much sky all around.


  1. Turn off all screens
  2. Light a candle, or several
  3. Eat dessert in bed by the window
  4. Read or journal to digest aforementioned dessert
  5. Apply hand cream (Yuni Beauty Body balm) and lip balm (from Believe Organics)

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Photos by Lianna Tarantin for S-Life Magazine