UNTETHERED I: The Search for Home // Harpers Bazaar

UNTETHERED I: The Search for Home // Harpers Bazaar

As the saying goes, "if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere." But what happens when you're bored of the city that has it all?

The first installment of my travel series for HARPERS BAZAAR, come across the country with me on my search for my new home! 

A Valentine from Natty Style for Valentine-NYC

Valentine was begun by two gals, looking to bring romance to every day reality.  By photographing individuals in their own homes, own clothes, and interviewing them on their most intimate moments - the site breeds an authenticity that's charming and seductive.

So it makes sense that what started as a simple blog, has snowballed into a brand that will include products that speak to a the amorous lifestyle.  An exclusive fragrance and lingerie line are both due to launch in December, along with a host of events at Art Basel Miami.

As a female entrepreneur, I was thrilled to support these like minded ladies by working with them to create a feature for their site.  Below are highlights and video from the shoot, or click [HERE] for the real Valentine.

Gros bisous!


Natty Style