7 Healthy Pantry Swaps To Fool Anyone

If you think that eating healthy has to mean eating things that don’t taste good, think again.  There are loads of simple ways to sneak more nutrition into your diet, without sacrificing flavor.  In honor of April Fools day, I asked the foodies behind Sakara (the East Coast’s most delicious and wildly popular organic meal delivery service) to offer up some suggestions on easy ways to health-ify your daily menu.  

Check out these 7 simple pantry swaps that will fool even the pickiest eaters!

Spaghetti for Squash for Spaghetti

Spaghetti squash in place of regular old spaghetti is a great alternative. We understand, switching to eating mainly plant based can be difficult for the mind to adapt to, but once you make the switch, your body will thank you and your relationship with food will change completely!  Making spaghetti squash is as easy and satisfying as regular spaghetti, plus comes with an array of important trace minerals, without spiking your blood sugar.






Cauliflower for Rice

Mashed up cauliflower has the same satisfying consistency and taste as rice (you won’t even realizing you are eating a vegetable). Cauliflower is a great anti-inflammatory. Studies have shown that cauliflower can help fight heart disease and cancer - it's a great way to satisfy those cravings while getting a ton of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!






Avocado for Cheese/Mayo

Using avocado in sandwiches and salads is a great alternative to cheese and other dairy products. It has a thick consistency, so it still gives the taste and feel of dairy, but does wonders for your insides and out! Known for being the best type of fat your body can consume, we certainly love fueling our Sakara bodies with this yummy veggie that’s great for the skin too!







Collard Wrap for Wheat Wrap

There are plenty of ways to get that sandwich look and feel without using processed bread. Collard wraps are a great alternative, and we use them in our Sakara meal delivery all the time to boost the nutrient density of each bite. They are great for our digestive system due to their high fiber and water content. In addition, they are a good source of vitamin K, folate, phosphorus, and potassium. Any way to substitute green leafy vegetables for sugars and carbs is a win.




Coconut Sugar for Regular Sugar

Regular sugar is packed with heavy chemicals (often high fructose corn syrup!), is empty of nutrition and sends the body into stressful patterns.  Coconut sugar is packed with vitamins, including Iron, zinc, calcium and fatty acids. Swapping out regular sugar for coconut sugar gives our bodies nutrients that help us thrive. Enjoy your sweets in moderation, and with love.







Himalayan Sea Salt for Table Salt

Let’s get real here, we all love our salty foods, and Himalayan salt gives all the goodness we love about salt, but with actual health benefits!  Yes- health benefits. Himalayan salt balance the electrolytes and pH in our body along with increasing our hydration. It also aids in proper metabolism function, strengthening bones, lowering blood pressure and helping the intestines absorb nutrients.







Coconut Yogurt for Sour Cream

For all us Mexican/ food lovers, we have your new best friend- yogurt! Coconut yogurt is naturally high is probiotics, which is essential for promoting the healthy bacteria in your gut. This bacteria is responsible for everything from digestion to immunity to happiness! Same taste,  but so much more bang for your buck.








Looking for someone to do the swapping for you?  Sign up for Sakara’s vegan, gluten free, dairy-free, organic and mostly locally sourced meal delivery service to have the goodness delivered to your door.

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