Chef Galen Zamarra Teaches Me The Importance of Seasonal Eating


When it comes to dining, "seasonal cuisine" may sound like trendy buzz words: a great marketing tool for restaurants to draw up business.  But as it turns out, whether eating out or at home, eating seasonally actually has a lot of health benefits.  

Almanac is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC, and as the name implies–Almanac offers a rotating menu of both local and "hyper-seasonal" cuisine.  Headed by James Beard award winning chef, Galen Zamarra, Almanac takes fresh food seriously.

I managed to sneak a few moments with Galen, to learn the true merits of eating what's in season and why it matters to source food locally.  Watch as we get into the kitchen and use humble carrot pulp (left over from juicing) for a shockingly elegant dish, 

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